DVDFab Express

Hi everyone, I recently purchased DVDFab Express, at first it was OK. But now it
takes 9-10 hours to decrypt, reduce size & burn a DVD. It gives great results,
but does anyone know why it takes so long?

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Encoding speed is related to CPU power: a slow computer will encode in a slower time.

Another thing that can slow your system is DMA: ensure that you have DMA enabled


Hi, Checked my PC, both Primary & Secondary channels are set to “DMA if available” so
it seems they are OK. But what I can’t understand if I use DVD decrypter & Nero Recode
the total time for copy to hard drive & burn is around 90 minutes. DVDFab Express takes
up to six times as long, but is better quality.

As I said, encoding times are related to CPU power. If you want to have faster encodings you need a more powerful CPU.

What are your specs? What CPU do you have right now? How much RAM memory?


My discs burn in 10 to 30 minutes using DVDfab ‘express’-

As my bra geno888 suggests - you have a serious problem with your setup and should use the ‘search’ function to find out how others have troubleshot their systems to get better results-


You should be in the ball park of about 20 to 30 mins to rip and about 20 to 30mins to burn.

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I have it and it works great. my512 ram pentium 4 HT maybe is your computer

Hi, My PC is a Pentium 4 cpu 3.00GHz with 512 RAM.
One thing I forgot to mention was when I first used DVDFab Express on trial & a couple
of times after purchase it was OK. But them it got progressively slower until the last time
it took nearly 10 hours.

Well, now that we know some of your specs, it’s not your cpu, you’ve ruled out the DMA issue and your only major problem is with fab. Sounds like application conflicts…what else do you have running? Also, you may want to try a new install of fab. Uninstall fab and make sure you have your reg key handy or retrieve here:
…it’s quick and automatic.
Good luck.

Thanks for your help.
Will try what you say over the next few days. Will let you know how its goes,
can’t be any worst.


How do digital conflicts progressively get worse? I would think a conflict would show up right away :confused:

Clean your system! Do a spy scan and a broken link removal as well a a clean disk in windows. Also do a virus scan! Run only one app at a time and check to see if you have INCD from Nero or DLA from Sonic installed. If so remove them! Update your BIOS from your MOBO site and settings in your BIOS! Make sure you are in UMDA2 or 4 for your burner in device manager IDE advanced tab! Also make sure you have a good 80 wire cable and the Jumper on the back of the drive is set correctly! Only one master per IDE channel!

PS/ 90 minutes is too long also!
Try the free FABDVDDECRYPTER after everything is done as mentioned by other posters!

Hi, Thanks for your help everyone.

Found the problem it was a conflict. In the past I had downloaded Patin-Couffin 27 driver as a backup driver for DVDDecrypter. Uninstalled this driver, Reinstalled
DVDFab Express and now it works a dream.

Thanks again, mcnotts