Dvdfab express with extrenal burner problem

Is it possible to use dvdfab express to copy the dvd temporarily to the hard drive and immediately after burn it with the dvdfab express program with an external burner. I’m able to copy the dvd to my hard drive and then access it with nero but the burn fails towards the end. My external burner is connected by usb 2.0, its a hp, and whenever i set it as the target errors such as “failed to create directory at: E:/DVD/(5)”, appear. My D drive, the drive in my laptop will read dvds but is not a writer. I was able to get to the step where it asks to insert blank media using my D drive,having already created the temporary file, yet of course i could not continue as this drive cannot write. I did this to make sure it wasn’t a program error. I’ve searched quite a bit to find an answer to this problem and was unable to find one on the forums. If it is possible can someone please tell me what settings i have to change (they are still on the default), or provide me with some sort of tutorial of what i need to do. Thankyou!

Hi snowman01 and welcome to cdfreaks,

Sure, the process that you describe should be routine…temporary rip to the hdd and subsequent burn to your “target” burner is typical. External burners can be a bit more problematic, but should do ok.

What specific application and version are you using? A couple of recent versions had bugs re: to failure to burn from files already ripped to the hdd.
Also, if you’re using dvdfabdecrypter (freeware)…this will not compress, so that if the file exceeds a SL disc size (dvd5), it will fail as a result. You would have to burn to a DL disc.

The program i’m using is dvdfab express, which is part of the dvdfab platinum version A co-worker has had no problems with this version and has backed up all of his dvd collection with it, but he has a desktop with an internal dvd-rw drive. Im assuming it is my external drive that makes the difference. I’m not using dvdfabdecrypter. I wanted to give dvdfab express a try since i have recently been unable to back up dvd’s via the dvddecrypter/dvd shrink method. That method had worked fine on about 20 backups but now all i get is the cyclic redundancy error.