DVDFab express turns in round

I am a recorded user of DVDFab Platinium. Since the version I have a big problem. I am not able any more to make my safety’s copies. At the beginning all run normaly then suddenly the software seems turning in round and that does not advance any more and the minutes at the extreme right-hand side increase continuously… (260 minutes and more) until the moment when I stop the whole.I tried to let the software in function all during the night with the same result.
I try with differents DVD and update for and Beta with the same result.

My OS is Windows WP, DD 80g.,

I am sorry because before buying my licence all functioned very well.
Thank you for help.

Why don’t ypu give Platinum Beta 9 a try? You will find a free trial download in a sticky at top of thread. Also fengtao has stated there will be an edition for Express or Gold only users or an up grade option.


Thanks Mack,

I downloaded the version available yesterday in evening. Was this the last?
If it is a new version of this morning then I will test it this evening. Thank you still.


Yep, DVDFab Platinum Beta9 is the latest and probably the last of the beta versions…was posted yesterday - 09/14, so it looks like you have it. Keep in mind this forum is international and dates can be confusing, so you may want to check it. When posting, it’s always a good idea to post specifics,. ie., DVDFab Platinum Beta9 rather than say I have the latest…cuts down and confusion and wasted time…thanks.

If the new beta still gives you trouble, just post back with the specifics and we’ll try to help you out.

Thank you Maineman,
I appreciate the precision concerning the dates I will check this evening which version I had. I will come back if the problem persists but am I alone to have this problem?.
Thank you still.


I retried with the Beta version and here is the result:

  1. I tried full disc and it stop: Error… Retry… Abort… etc.

  2. I tried Custumize: after a few minutes it stop with this message:
    “Task_1 failes, ErrorCode=400”

Is it a DVD problem?
Also, could we custumize the screen of the Beta version. Because
in the bottom of first screen I see advance and past time only half and perhaps less.