Dvdfab express freezes at "finalising"

I am having problems with backing up, in that when the disc is copied and the finalising message pops up, it seems to freeze and my dvd drive will not open, close or be manageable.
Anyone else had this problem?

You should be able to solve your problem by reading this thread:



Hi ramjet3230,

Please try latest version, the problem has been fixed.

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I am experiencing the same problem, but only when I use dvd-r media. It hangs for approximately 13 minutes, then finishes successfully. I have no firewall so that can’t be the problem. The problem does not happen with dvd+r media. How about that one!! Confusing!!

Check and make sure Fab or if burner has tools, that Booktype/bitrate is not set to DVD-ROM. This setting works with DVD+R to make them more compatible with players, but can’t be used with -Rs.


Thanks Mac…I will check