DVDFab Express makes inconsistent/bad data

I’m trying DVDFab Platinum before buying.

I only have one DVD drive - so I have to do things stepwise.

If I use DVDFab Express to make a Folder with a compressed DVD in it then turn around and (in a separate step) use Nero 6.6 to burn that folder to a fresh DVD, I get an error from Nero saying that the data is bad.

It says:

DVD-Viedo files relocation failed. The resulting DVD-Video might be unplayable.

When I try to play explore that same video folder with a ripping tool like DVD-Shrink, I get informed that there bad data in one of the .VOB files, so DVD-Shrink refuses to open the disk.

When I try to play the video from the folder, there are skips, gaps, and areas where the timing seems all screwed up (too fast, too slow, freezing).

On the other hand, if I use the (free) DVDFab Decrypter to make a full copy to a folder then open that copy with DVD-Shrink, I have no problem. I can use good old DVD-Shrink to make a compressed DVD with no problem.

This happens with all DVDs (not just one).

Clearly, there’s a problem with the Express compression.

Are the developers aware? Is there a fix/work around?

If there’s no fix, I guess I’ll just keep using the free Decrypter and DVD-Shrink in tandem. It doesn’t seem to take too much longer total (Decrypter is fast and DVD-Shrink’s compression is much faster than DVDFab Express), but requires more disk space and 2 steps.

(BTW, I saw the bit about the older versions having problems due to web access/firewall. This supposedly has that cured - but I have the program set to NOT check for updates, too.)

Hi rogerw and welcome.

This is bizarre and off the top of my head, just doesn’t make sense. I’m not challenging what you said, it just doesn’t seem to make sense. As far as
"…Are the developers aware? Is there a fix/work around?.."
I’ve never heard of this problem. It’s certainly not pervasive.

I guess I’d try this first; completely uninstall fab and do a clean new dl and install…maybe you just have a corrupted or bad dl. The decrypting capability is the same, both in the freeware and retail versions. Why one would result in errors and not the other just doesn’t add up. Have you tried ripping a file < 4200 MB (default setting), ie.,that doesn’t need compression?

BTW, as far as the speed in express, the process is very quick and easy…one click…“set it and forget it”. At least, that’s the way it supposed to work and does for most users.

Let us know if you figure this one out or have any leads.

Good luck.

I’ll second Maineman’s comments. Also would recommend trying with built-in VSO burning engine and compare results. But, way back in the day when there WAS a problem with the VSO, Nero filled in quite nicely…occassionally I would see the reallocation dialog at beginning of Nero burn, but [U]never[/U] affected playback. On other hand haven’t tried the Nero burn option lately, so who knows?
As Tom points out, the complete Fab express solution is so easy, and I think quicker burn than Nero…if you can get it to work in your case.

Well, as I said, I only have one DVD reader/burner, so I HAVE to do:

[li]Rip to disk
[/li][li]Write to DVD (Nero)[/ol]
I cannot, therefore, burn directly to DVD if I wanted to.

I’d [B]love[/B] to have ‘easy’, were it to work without a corrupt data set.

Be that as it may, I also pointed out above that I find that the compressed DVD from Express (when played from the disk folder) doesn’t fare well with my player(s) - having skips, freezes, and patches where timing is off (speeded up or slowed down).

More info. I tried this last night:

[li]Rip full image with DVDFab Decrypter (no problem with any player with DVDShrink, or with Nero [were I to want to burn a DVD9]).
[/li][li]Compress the full image from 1) (disk to disk - no DVD involved) using DVDShrink - NO problem with compressed image in Nero.
[/li][li]Compress the full image from 1) (disk to disk - no DVD involved) using DVDFab Express - SAME problems with NERO (relocation error), same problem with playback (skips, freezes, bad timing), same problem with DVDShink complaining about bad data in a .VOB causing failure of analysis.
Clearly, the problem is with the Express’ compression.

BTW, I have tried all of the ‘bury a dead frog at midnight’ fixes on the maker’s site: virus scanner is disabled, there is no interacutal player, DirectCD isn’t installed (but I’m not burning a disc at the time, anyway). Hell, I’ve even tried disabling all the net interfaces so that there is no web access/firewall interactions.

Can anyone offer anything other than “it shouldn’t happen”? Can anyone try a separate verification of what I’ve tried (compress->Nero/DVD_Shrink -OR-full(decrypter)->Compress(express)->Nero/DVDShrink)


Sorry, aside from stumbling around in the dark…can’t offer any substantial advice. As I’ve said, I’ve never seen/heard of this. I didn’t catch if an uninstall/ new install was part of “burying a frog”. Perhaps a shot in the dark, some folks have seen resolution to various issues with the following: uninstall fab, run a registry cleaner, reboot and new dl and install of fab.

BTW, fab always rips to the hdd (temp folder) even if the target is a burner. Were you able to try a file < 4200MB to nail down the compression issue?

There is a burn log that you can email to fentao & portmac. I think it is posted in one of the Read First threads on top of page.


rogerw, you can rip and burn directly even if you have only one drive. After rip is complete, Fab will ask you to insert a blank DVD. But I advise that you do the experimenting with RW material.

I thought you knew Fab could indeed do this as HUN points out. However may be moot since you say that playback from Fab rip to HD mirrors Nero result. Take Mack’s advice and forward the appropriate log(s) as indicated in the read post…As far as having somebody else trying to duplicate your issue…probably someone willing - but would recommend indicating an example source title, and blank media brand used.

I learned from searching that some of the newer more expensive players, especially the ones made by Sony. will only play pressed DVDs. They seem to be supporting the movie company’s. I hope the cheaper ones keep playing burnt DVDs. I’m glad that I saw the how to change burners in Liteon 5005 as I may do the change if all the stand alone players use this method.


Well, that’s certainly depressing news… :sad:
I picked up a liteon 1693s a while back, just to be ready, when and if my 5005 goes belly up. For $41, pretty cheap insurance to get such a versatile and will-play-darn-near-anything standalone, up and running again.

Leave it to Mack, research expert! Well, I guess no surprise as Sony is just about THE movie company now…and of course major electronic player! Probably there plan is to phase out older standalone’s by this move…nice(insert sad face here(I’m using “quick reply”)). Hey wait a minute, its nothing new! My old Toshiba standalone, a great player, but forget about any home burned dvd’s(cuz there weren’t any back then)…and maybe what Sony is brewing, with no new development costs!!

Larry, I am glad that Google is free because I use it 3-5 times a day.


Additional info:

I have tried same (see below) with several (older) DVDs I own. (The older I think is important, as they’re not likely to have any new protections.) These same DVDs I’ve preveviously ripped to a DVD4 size with good old DVD-Shrink.

The results are the same:

[li]Ripping (to folder) with the ‘Express’ bit of ‘Platinum’ produces files that Nero won’t burn (realloaction errors) and DVDShrink won’t analyze (can’t open a .VOB or bad data in a .VOB).
[/li][li]Ripping a (full verision) to folder with DVDFab Decrypter then analyzing/compressing with DVDShrink or setting up to burn the (full) version with Nero generates no problems.

(You’ll forgive me for not going so far as to watch the in-folder DVDs? It takes some number of hours to see where the cock-ups are - and only serves to disappoint me. I think the fact that a burner and a ripper don’t like the files is sufficient!)

Please, can someone try to duplicate the problem instead of just saying “it shouldn’t be happening”?

Final note: I’m using the ‘Platinum’ version, which I understand combines both ‘Express’ & ‘Gold’. Is there a possibilty that the ‘Express’ in ‘Platinum’ version is different (has an inherent bug) when compared to the stand-alone ‘Express’?

@rogerw I believe mainman is correct in saying that you may have corrupted install of this program my advice is to uninstall it and download it again then reinstall and try again if it does not work correctly post some system details . I dont believe you should have to disable antvirus or firewall to use transcoding software , as you say you use shrink ok . give it a try and let us know what happens

I neglected to report above that I [B]did[/B] re-download and re-install after it was suggested above. It’s a simple thing to do - but unlikely to solve problems - however, I did so to satisfy the ‘bury a dead frog at midnight’ element.

It’s been done. No difference.

Please be clear as to where the problem seems to lie: I’m only (so far) just ripping to disk. A FULL rip (via the free DVDFab Decrypter) is not a problem…and I can submit the result of that to DVDShrink to get a nice DVD4 version.

It’s the DVDFab Express that presents problems. Its output is not acceptable to Nero or DVDShrink.

One can only assume that if the ripping bit of ‘Decrypter’ and ‘Express’ are the same then the problem lies with the compression.

I would be more that happy to supply system details if someone would state what uitilites to gather/report such are acceptable to viewers of this forum.

However, I must state that since Ripping to a (full) verision on disk doesn’t seem to be a problem, but compressing of that (previously ripped) disk folder via “Express” seems to make a problem - there probably aren’t any hardware and/or driver interactions to theorize as problems - this would be simply a processing/software problem.


I must really be missing something here-

When I use DVDFab Express with one drive - I put the original in the drive - usually chose ‘Movie Only’ and when the drawer opens after ripping - put in a blank disc at the prompt - and in about 10 minutes the drawer opens and the movie is copied - and plays great on my HDTV-

This copying to HD and writing back with Nero doesn’t seem to be necessary with DVDFab Express - let alone putting dvdshrink into the sequence of events-


Indeed you are. (Or I’m not explaining it properly).

Here-to-fore I’ve been using DVDFab-Decrypter then submitting that result to DVDShrink to get a DVD4 format to burn with Nero.

I’m [B]thinking[/B] about using DVDFab Express to consolidate these operations - but so far the output (to disk) of DVDFab Express is unacceptable to Nero (for subsequent burning) and to WinDVD (for playing).

Using my previous method (Decrypter->DVDShrink) still works fine. I can submit the output to Nero just fine! Ditto playing the result of Decrypter-> Shrink in WinDVD

Is that clear enough?

You are right - this should not happen but it still does sometimes. Earlier versions also used to have compatibility problem with Shrink especially in full disk mode or when the main movie included too many chapters. This was rectified but your experience shows that there may be something again. What I found was that when I burned the “faulty” content to DVD, Shrink was able to see this correctly although that was supposed to be identical to the HD content.
Use Fab to burn, either directly, or in two steps and see what you get.

[QUOTE=rogerw]…I’m [B]thinking[/B] about using DVDFab Express to consolidate these operations - but so far the output (to disk) of DVDFab Express is unacceptable to Nero (for subsequent burning) and to WinDVD (for playing)[QUOTE]


Why do you have to use Nero?

DVDFab Express burns the compressed disc just fine for me-eh!


I’m [B]evaluating[/B] DVDFAB. As such, I’m being cautious and investigating that the program works reliably and correctly.

My first investigations, then, are to rip to disk and view the results - which aren’t good. The player(s) skip, freeze and have timing issues.

When I discovered this, I decided to try to burn to DVD to see if the problems went away - and Nero was what I had on the system. This is when I discovered that Nero thought the data wasn’t consistent. (I can force Nero to use the data anyway, and the DVD has the same problems and worse in my players.)

As a second check, I used DVDShrink on the output of DVDFab - and DVDShrink also rejects the files and will not analyze the data.

So, at this point I’m rather using Nero as an investigatory tool (along with DVDShrink).

Given that my initial investigation shows a defect in the program I’m certainly [B]not[/B] going to let DVDFab burn those defects into my backups!

I suppose as some point when DVDFab is fixed and I’ve come to trust it, I might burn a copy directly…but certainly not at this point. Perhaps never, as the trial period is rapidly coming to a close. I’m not gonna fork out my cash unless it works properly. I guess I’ll try evaluating other packages instead.