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I have bought the legend of zorro properly as it is enjoyable to watch…

I have tried to back this film up and it refuses to write on any media whatsoever.

menu pop-up comes up and says “FAILED WHEN WRITING DVD.:5”

had this before when I borrowed the film, and it did repeats back to the title everytime… hard copy on HDD copies ok to dvd but will only play on the pc… goes absolutely nuts on other dvd players.

Have had this with Mr & Mrs Smith as well…

Anyone got any bright ideas as seems now that DVDfab has been beaten for backing up!


Hi natsun, this simply isn’t true…not saying you’re not having problems though. There are a number of threads that speak to various issues with The Legend of Zorro. You may want to start here. I found a total of 12 hits just by typing in zorro, here.
The search function is one of your best friends.
Just an FYI, I created bkups of both movies with Fab…Mr & Mrs Smith and The Legend of Zorro… :iagree:


Ditto. No problems with either movie. Doing movie only, no extras.


ok gentlemen… many thanks will try without the extras and learn from there… strange though aint it



Gentlemen… a big thank you… I have successfully backed up Zorro 2 by doing the main movie only.

Can you perhaps enlighten me as to why this would be the case and its not possible to do the complete disc?

Also how do I stop subtitles coming up?

Thanks again for your knowledge


With certain recent releases and Fab, there have been a variety of issues seen when choosing complete disc as opposed to main movie. I first noticed this with Polar Express and then Madagascar (actually never saw Madagascar, just read about all the problems). The issues relate to recent copy protection giving rise to disc structure problems; freezing, expansion and continuous looping of sectors, poor or failed navigation of the disc menu and to a lesser extent, the player remote. In my personal experience, this is only seen with fab and complete disc mode and not consistently among all users.

I responded to one of your posts about a week ago that’s related to your present dilemma…have a look here. If you need additional help, just post back and I’ll be back later on…the wife is calling…gotta run… :eek: :eek: :eek:


It looks like I’ve got a 10 minute reprieve… :cool: Re: the subtitles, if mode is main movie, simply deselect all subtitles on the window that pops up after selecting main movie. You can also select/deselect audio streams as well. Personally, I leave them all selected…they take up negligible disc space and than I just enable/disable various subtitles via the player menu and remote.

Hope this helps,



One thing I have noticed with Fab Express. If you deselect an unwanted audio or subtitle stream, quality increase will not be observed until you exit “main movie”, and then return. That is, you won’t see the percent increase update without doing so, I’m sure regardless of this refresh you will enjoy the increase in rip once deselected…However increase is negligble, unless you deselect the rare DTS audio stream. However, in my opinon, this stream quality when offered is superior to Dolby Digital…


Hi Tom,

Many thanks for your help and advice. its ever so strange getting the film but not the whole disc…


Hi natsun,

You’re very welcome and I’m glad it’s working out for you…at least…sort of…and I agree, it’s very bizarre.


Hi Maineman…

Just bought Harry Potter latest and it will not back-up… even main film olny and only selecting audio 3/6 and english sub…

message failed writing dvd.:5

any ideas?

Goes from bad to blinkin’ worse :frowning:


Hi Maineman,

Got my problem sorted and the reasoning behind the failed to write DVD.:5 message…

seems that even thoughI had checked the box to “delete temp files”, that at some stage files were left there and so there was not enough space for the new files to go there…

settings are now… delete temp files, size is 4200, region 2…

so now can hopefully carry on with backing up my collection.

thanks for your help and advice.

Steve :clap: :smiley:


Hi natsun,

Hey, that’s good news… :iagree: