DVDFAB Express Wont Burn DL

I recently got a good deal on some verbatim DVD+R DL discs.
So I wanted to test em out by backing up my copy of SAW II. On a SL Disc is copies about 53%. I checked the “Enable Double Layer burning” box and after doing just that didn’t work I changed the DVD-R size to 8500 MB.

When it finishes copying and asks me to insert a blank disc it acts like there isn’t one inserted, though there is and windows can see it.

Can anyone noob me on what the problem is. Also, are there any pointers for making better backups on SL discs? Anything that copies under 68% or so usually doesn’t play on my DVD player, but will on my dvd-rom (most of the time).

Thanks a lot!

Without other issues, Fab does burn DL - however there often issues at layer break. However this much more serious. Couple of things to check are that under device settings that secondary ide controller (assuming that is what your burner attached to), is set to “ultra dma”. Also make sure your burner has the latest firmware, which often is related to blank media compatability.

As far as SL rip/burns, above applies also. However have never had the quality/compression affect playabality in a standalone. This issue more related to disc type, and blank disc quality. If these SL’s were r-, they are the most compatible - but maybe quality or the hardware settings above suspect. If were r+, many even 2 year old players refuse to play these discs…One more think, I have found that having any Roxio apps which often have resident components present, will interfere with the Fab VSO burn engine…

I know this may seem like a silly question, but are you certain your burner is capable of DL burning? What burner do you have? And ditto on Larry’s comments…is your firmware up to date?

To answer all of the questions.

Yes it is a DL, is a SONY DW-Q30A.

I found 1 firmware upgrade, but all it did was make the drive region free. I couldn’t find any others, if you know a good place to look, let me know.
It upgraded from
YYS3 to YYS4

udma2 is enabled.

I loathe roxio, so the only other burning program on the pc is nero 6.

For single layer I almost always use meorex 16x dvds. When I first started using them they were amazing, on really large dvds load time would be a little slow and pixels were visible only on a really dark scene and still unnoticeable unless you were looking for them. After thinking about how great the quality [U]used[/U] to be. I started wondering if maybe they just found a cheaper manufacturer.

Also, can you recommend a site with a list of the best media to use for a particular drive, I’ve looked a little, but no luck.

Thanks I appreciate the help.

Kenny, for SL burns recommend the Taiyo Uden discs - Maineman originally recommended to me - and have been great. Unfortunately all the recognizable companies like Memorex, Sony, ect., appear to select multiple disc manufacturers, and apparently we get hit with quality issues time to time. Memorex particulary known for this practice with generally negative results.

DL favorite appears to be Verbatim, although there may be a specific type - but I don’t have that info. The key to is having your burner firmware up to date, which sounds like you have done…

It worked for me a couple of days later, out of the blue (after being restarted a couple of times) so its just one of those things that happens with your pc for absolutly no reason. I’ve been keeping a close eye on my error logs though just incase the problem lies with some other component.

When it worked, I tried another movie of equal size, but I set the disc size to 8300. Play back is fine on my PC, but on my home players they either don’t recognize the disc or it just freeze up when choosing the an option on the menu. Anyhow, I think my problem with that was with the size setting. What do you recommend for the size? And how does it do the layer change? Does it simply burn equally to each layer?

Oh I almost forgot, the Taiyo yuden discs? I did a quick froogle search and didn’t find any really amazing prices (after shipping) Do you know a good place to get them at a decent price?

The free shipping on the TY’s comes and goes and also varies with volume purchase. Two reliable retailers are:


I don’t believe your problem is the “disc size”. Personally, I’ve never been happy with the burn to a DL within fab (express or gold). The LB has been a constant source of frustration and very player dependent. Portmac (VSO) has been working on this and recently, let us know that it is now in the developer’s hands. The rip, however has never been a problem, at least for me. Lately, I’ve been ripping “main movie” in express, and burning with Img or dvd decrypter in ISO. My preference for complete disc has been Anydvd in combo with dvdd (or Img for the burn). These have been flawless and play perfectly in all four players…absolutely no problem.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the links, I did find some pretty decent deals on there. I think I’ll buy 100 and see how they do.

Well, I got my Taiyo Yuden’s in the mail and thanks a lot, these are great!!!

Welcome…happy burning… :iagree:

For tons of information on media: