DVDFAB Express freezing



I have DVDFAB Express, and almost every time I try to backup one of my movies with the dvd menu and all the features, I get freeze points. However, when I backup just the movie, it plays fine all the through almost 100% of the time.

I have searched for similar posts without any luck. Can someone please tell me if there is a patch or update to help me correct this? I have also tried to copy using the nero format (I have nero 6 ultra installed) instead of the vso setting and when I insert a blank dvd and try to start the writing process I get an error saying invalid something (sorry I don’t remember what the exact error was.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


This has plagued a number of users for a few months now. Most issues seem to be related to application conflicts. There are numerous posts here, weird why your search didn’t yield, at least some hits… :confused: Anyway, this thread here by brwiggins is a good place to start and hopefully, will help you out.


Also, as I have posted before it appears that in able to not get buyers too mad because anti copy protection can freeze an original, companies tend to put it in extras hoping a person will not return the DVD for exchange as long as main movie plays. Good information in this thread:


Also check the first 3 threads that are stickies.



Which film cause this problem please?


I have the same Fab Express problem as lunchb0x, complete burn vs. main movie burn using VSO, and an immediate error when trying to write using Nero (Failed when writing DVD: 4015). I have Nero 6 installed.

Here’s an interesting twist: Sometimes I CAN burn a complete movie (VSO) with no skipping, freezing, or chapter problems. Yet other times I get all of the skipping etc. problems, using the SAME ORIGINAL DVD, same blank media, same system. Why would it work some of the time?

(And don’t say it’s the media, I’m not having these problems with DVD X Copy Platinum…)


I have the exact same problem as you. With Nero I get error 4015 and with VSO (DVD,:5).



This is what I was trying to explain, I too can burn a good complete movie a very small portion of the time, but can burn just the movie perfect almost everytime.


We’ve posted two threads (above) that speak to this very issue, already (there are actually quite a few), in an attempt to try to help. Have you looked here yet???


Yes I have looked and I appreciate your help. Thank you