DVDFAB - error problems

Sorry, DUAL POST, please ignore.
Hi all
new here and really needing help.

I have been using an older copy of DVD Fab without any problems at all, inc DVDRegion+CSS. All of a sudden I began to get failed burns, basically, drive just threw the DVD out every time, regardless of type of DVD inserted. As stated this is a recent problem. Eventually, I got an error code of 16.

I have now updated both DVD Fab and DVD Region and still have the same problem, although it now reports error 116.

Strangely, this also happens on my laptop, both errors have appeared at the same time. The only new software I have added to either machine is the Retail software for my Canon DigiCam, which I doubt is the problem.

Any help at all would be very welcome.
I am using Windows XP Pro, SP2, I have Roxio on my system which has always worked fine with the above software, and a Version of Pinnacle too. My writer is a Sony DVD-RW-222A Dual layer. System is top spec, memory nor processor is the issue.