Dvdfab error code (i need help pls!)



have an error code on dvdfab error=400(20 6) and cant seem to find how to fix it! pls help! have look on dvdfab site but cant find a solution.:bigsmile:


That would be a transcoder error but we need more information than that.
What version of fab are you using?
What’s your OS?
Can you explain when excatly this message pops up?


not sure what an os is?? sorry and i think its the 3. something version!


Your operating system.(OS)
Also need the version of DVDFab you’re using.


sorry its windows vista and


Try updating DVDFab.


can you update for free off the dvdfab site?


Is your version of Fab Gold, Platinum or HD?


platinum also how do i change my username on this site, i ve tried everything i can!


You haven’t updated in a long time. You need to update. You may have to provide your order number and email address at the time of your orginal purchase.


ok thanks for the help!!


Moved to DVD Fab forum.

BTW you can’t change username yourself, but if you ask [B]Da_Taxman[/B] nicely in the CD Freaks Forum Talk area, he might do it for you.

There is a long thread for all these requests, so you can add yours below the last post here: