DVDFab Dycrypter/dvd shrink



Does anyone use this free software with dvd shrink?

Have been using dvd dycrypter and shrink for some time now but decided to try Fab Dycrypter which seems to work but will not work with dvd shrink…

Starts to preview the video and then some kind of error message…"cannot read etc…



It’s a little bit weird. I think that every member of this forum uses the DVD Shrink, because it’s free. I don’t know why DVD Shrink don’t want to open the movie you had ripped with DVD-Fab Decryptor. Maybe you should try again with DVD Decrypter? You’re not obligated to use only one program to rip movies.


Are you using the latest version of DvdFab Decrypter? Problems with Dvd Shrink being unable to process the output files in many cases is a known issue (never bothered me though :)) and Fengtao claims to have remedied this problem with the most recent update.