Dvdfab dvd2divx conversion speed inquiry


i have a qeustion for anyone who owns dvdfab. i have two large shelfs full of dvds that i own, and not enough space to have my entire collection of films on display in the room, so i got a great idea. since i got a new usb 1TB drive, and a divx player with a USB plug, why not save space by converting my movie collection to divx, that way instead of having the two shelvs, which are overflowing, just have the USB drive, then box up my dvd collection and put them in the attic out of the way for safe keeping. this would free up so much space for me.

this is where i have the problem, i dl the demo to dvdfab 6, its a great peice of software, really good, but when i put in one of my films, it spent over 6 hours converting it, still did not finish the job, then said itwas goind to take another 90 minutes to complete, so for one movie 7 hours+ of time.

is the purchased version of the dvdfab converter faster then the trial version?(ie some demos limit the speed and require you to buy for full rate)
or is it just my computer being to slow.

im running xp and a 3ghz ht pentium

It’s just your computer or the profile that you are using. Generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy profile should take no longer than the running time of the movie with most modern PC’s.