DVDFab dvd to ipod double in size w/

I bought DVDFab Platinum quite a while ago, and it’s been great. I’ve been coping my collection of show I got all the seasons of to my video ipod to watch at work when it’s slow. I’ve found that the setings of no subtitles, volume 200%, 2pass, audio 128 and the default 640x352 seems to work best for me. Copies over to the ipod rather quick too.

Odd thing started happening since the last update to though. I still use the same settings, but now the files that were coming in around 311 megs are anywhere from 450megs to 620 megs. I ran gspot to get info on the files and all the 311 meg ones were 961 kbps. The new ones are completly random but in the nieborhood of 1980 kbps. Even when I tell it I want the filesize 311 or the 961 kbps it goes and doubles it. The files play fine and space isn’t really an issue, but it does take quite a bit longer to copy the files to the ipod. I even tried one that I had already done before the update and was a 311 meg file. When I made it again, it was 584 megs and 1805 kbps.

Am I missing some new option that came with the update? If nothing else, can I just install the previous version over the new one, or would that cause problems?

Hi chuckcm and welcome to cdfreaks,

No you didn’t miss anything. There’s a glitch in v. re: the 2 pass mpeg-4 conversion for Ipod.
Two choices…use 1 pass. I use this all the time with great results…ok viewing even when watching on a 26" TV using a patch cord from Ipod to TV.
(I’d post my settings, but I’m at work right now)


Ideally, you should uninstall Fab when reverting to previous versions, but sometimes just installing the older version works out ok. Unfortunately, on rare occasions you have to do a complete, clean uninstall (registry and all), but this is rare.

Ah. Ok. Thank you. I’ll try uninstalling and installing the previous version.