DVDFab DVD to AVI with Selectable Subtitles

Hi. I love DVDFab used it for years.

I have all these DVD that I want to Rip into AVI or MP4 with selectable subtitles.

what I am doing so far.

I take DVDFAB… insert DVD rip to Generic/AVI with IDX/SUB subtitles.

then run AviAddxSub and remux the AVI with the SUB to get a final DIVX file.

this file I rename to AVI, copy to my PS3 and voila! I have a AVI with selectable Subtitles. Neat!

I don’t want to get picky but wanted to know if it is possible (with DVDFAB or other software) to do this in just one step.

AviAddxSub is fast, dont get me wrong, but maybe there is another software that I don’t know that will do this for me in one step.

DVD to AVI (or MP4) with selectable subtitles
(no Hardcoded or rendered subtitles plis).


You have a system that works. I think this is probably on the to-do list for DVDFab–I know I have seen it in the Feature Request thread and in the forum many times.

Thank you signals.

you are right and I am not complaining, but wanted to make sure I am using my best options.

will love to see this working in one step from DVDFAB they are great!

Thanks again.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: I’m sure you will get lots of suggestions. My portable player doesn’t support multiple subs so I just burn in the one I want.


I see that you recommend a lot to use the VOB Passthrough which is much much faster, and has no audio issues.

this will generate another VOB file correct? afterwards do I just rename it to a MP4 and stream it to the PS3?

this will not show selectable subtitles, right? how do I incorporate the subs into the VOB Passthrough?

HDD size is not a problem, don’t care if the files are 4GB in size.

if there is no way to add the selectable subtitles to the VOB Passthrough, then what will you recommend should be my best options for me to convert to a AVI format?

Samsung 52" 120mhz 1080p

FPS ??

audio will be same as source.

Sorry I bombed you with all this questions. but you seem to be the man … ::bow: :cool: