Dvdfab dvd recognision problem (Asus DRW-1814BL Beige)



[qanda]This thread is about the Asus DRW-1814BLT. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have THIS RECONISION problem: sometimes DVDFAB doesn’t reconize my dvd drives (E & F drives) as scci drives My Drives are: SCSICdRomASUS____DRW-1814BLT_____1.13 & SCSICdRomASUS____DRW-2014L1T_____
If they show-up as only E:/ or F:/ (in Target pull-down) or when I clk (target Folder) they only listed as E:/ & F:/ and not AS SCSI DRIVE E:/ nor SCSI DRIVE F:/ when i clk START nothing happens But when they’re listed as SCSI DRIVE E:/ OR SCSI DRIVE F:/ THEN ALL WORKS GREAT!!
How do I make DVDFAB see my drives as SCSI ?? the dtives above are cut & paste from thr property (from device mgr) Help!!


Hi Ralfcndy,

First off, this is your 4th identical post. Double posting is against forum rules…the ones you agreed to when you signed up. It only confuses and irritates folks trying to help or follow a thread.
Likewise, so is quadruple posting.

I suspect the reason you haven’t received help is that no one has any idea where to begin.
We don’t even know your OS, let alone your chipset, your set up and drivers, etc., etc.
Is this behavior totally random as you suggest and confined only to Fab?

The devil’s in the details.


sorry 2nd thought I was editing 1st one was repli 2 simular (poss) & thought someone still around 2 help 4th one dsl went dn as I was adding some tech info
system is self-built ~1yr old U no DVD’s / mothrbd asus m2n-sli deluxe / amd dou-core 5400 / 4Gb ram / all hd SATAII hitachi SCSI\Disk____NVIDIA__RAID5____298.10G / plus data drive SCSI\DiskHitachi_HDT725050VLA____V56O
/ OS Vista Hm Prem 64 Bit all is stable
it seams that after windows updates DVDFAB sees DVD drives as just plain e:/ & F:/ not SCSI when rec as SCSI clk start & all is well Sometimes when I see Plain E & F I just reboot then all is fine fab sees drives as SCSI My Computer never show SCSI even when all worked fine LAST thought I will try DVDFab HD Decrypter STRAIGHT 2 DISC iUSSALLY COPY 2 DATA DRIVE (THAT STILL WORKS FINE {EVEN THOUGH HD not listed as SCSI} THEN LATER COME BACK & COPY FROM hd 2 DISC.


I’ve had the same problem after updating Fab. Check this thread on cdfreaks - http://club.cdfreaks.com/f48/my-cd-drives-dont-show-up-151160/. The actual cure is in the “click here” link in phil_ 's post which takes you to the cure in Microsoft Help.