Dvdfab dvd-dvd merge



I asked this question through what I thought was the direct support page, but did not hear back. I am reluctant to get advise on an open forum because if it is wrong and it makes it a PC problem and have to reformat…Blah Blah, I was just ignorant in thinking that Paid versions = Support ability. So, Caveat Emptor to those thinking about it…
The Tutorial on the use of MERGE function is a couple of lines, your on your own… I actually thought that it must be user friendly enough that it was programed to “know” at least two disc’s were to introduced to become one. Yet after putting the 1st disk in, I watched as it copied, burnt to disk and finally the waste of the disk, for it Finalized the little info I had used from the first disk, thus nullifying any “Merge” that was planned with using another disk. But, it got fun after that, for the next disk (Back to 1 to 1 now-learned lession) using Customize. It was coping the initial info at the rate of 0.33MB/sec, so that 90 minute DVD would take 4 1/2 hrs just to copy to the temp file. After the wasted disk on merge, I did not change any settings, so why it reverted to such a slow transfer rate is beyond me. Just prior to the Merge diabolical I downloaded what was the newest release of FAB, In order to make the simple copy, I downloaded an older version of FAB, 6.7 and it copied and burnt fine then. I’ll keep that ver. until the bug is worked out of

Is a true tutorial on how to utilize the Merge option available for those who are a bit slow and dense? If it involves saving and sorting out files myself and knowing how to “adjust them”, I won’t bother with it, But, that Merge button should be removed from the queue.

If no one responds, would a kind soul give me a link to “support”, if one does exist? Thanks In Advance.


Depending on how much you want to merge, would be how much you have to do.

On the couple times that I have done it I loaded 1 single layer disc onto HDD then the other, then I go to merge and just click on first disc then it ask for second disc , click on it and sit back and watch it do it’s thing.

If you have specific questions you will find people here will be more than happy to help.

However DVDFab does have it’s own forum also if you would feel better going there


Hope this helps


Try the newest version which is and give that a try