Dvdfab Downloads Virus?

I remember when Norton’s came out as a undelete file tool back in the DOS days. But I never bought it because I found a program Central Point Tools that I used and still have on an old computer running a 386SX 20 Mhz cpu with 4 megs of memory and 120 meg HD and 2 floppy drives. Central Point also made a program to back up copy protected program disks that would also make a copy of a data disk that had a corrupted FAT to a readable disk. Larry mentioned eTrust and I was beta tester for them and still use some it sometimes. I was going through some old stuff and across my old Central Point box and checked the loop back plugs and found by using an ohm meter that they were wired like those used om TTest Pro. I remembered how good this program was even with Windows 3.0 as it was AV and Hardware tester with many programs, so I did google search and found they had been bought by Norton. I like Panda also as it is simple and never interferes with other programs. My ISP filters email through McFee and I use a hardware firewall. I do wish that Norton had kept the format used by Central Point and emailed them and was told to get all the features that I would need to buy several of their products. I think Peter Norton went the way of Bill Gates meaning the larger they grew the products became less stable.


They are all tucked away in Norton/ Reports/View Quarantine/Backup Items.
I am not sure how long they stay there…but if you do restore to original place they will again be identified as Threats when you scan…until you say “Fix” and they will be put back again. (I have just done this as a test)

Aint that the truth !!!

Please dont get me started on my m8 bill :Z :a :Z :a :bow:

aint that the truth :bow: , i use mcafee security center, :Z norton is useless in my opinion

When i scan with my ‘Bitdefender 9 Internet Security’, it doesn’t detect it as a virus. Sorry man but Norton is just crap and expensive!