DVDFab development goes on: version released



We’ve just posted the following news: DVDFab development goes on: version released[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2010/10/dvd-copy.png[/newsimage]

While the company suffered from legal issues, DVDFab continues development of their movie copy software.

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I’m very grateful to Fengtao for continuing the fight for fair-use rights and I’m glad to see a new update of their software I’m a very firm believer in the right to copy ones own store bought films for personal preservation so one doesn’t have to re-buy the same title if it gets damaged.


Being disabled, I ruin discs a lot, making backups is very important to me and maybe quite a few others, so I guess we are being discriminated against again!
Am I a Pirate because I drop and ruin discs ? Thank you Fengtao for not giving in, I’m very grateful.


There are many reasons why users would want to backup their precious discs but I think those two posts particularly demonstrate why.



I hope DVDFab will not shut down and will always continue making the backup software copy. I make up movie back up copy so I can keep the original against rough handling, scratch and disk damage especially when there are kids around. Am I making a pirated copy? NO, because I and I believe with many other DVDFab users that we use the software just to make a personal back up copy. Will always support Fengtao and DVDFab.