Dvdfab decrypter

I decrypted a movie from the original dvd to my harddrive. The vob files were created with know problems. I tried several media players, none of them show video or produce audio. Is there a step I need to do after decrypting.

What media players? do contents of VIDEO_TS folder show up on your PC?..
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Both Power DVD and Nero Showtime will play VOB files from a hard drive as long as there in a VIDEO_TS folder.

I tried VLC, Nero Showtime, Media Classic and Windows Media Player. They all started and the staus bar moves but nothing is shown and no audio. Just a black screen.
The Video_TS folder is visible with all the files.

Well, my guess would be something went haywire on the decryption then.
What movie are you making a backup of and what program are you using?
I only have experience with DVD Decrypter/RipIt4Me, just an fyi. :slight_smile:

The movie is Blood Diamond. I am using dvdfab decrypter. I will look for the Ripit4me.

Are you using the latest DVDFab update for your backup? again,can you see contents of VIDEO_TS folder on pc? look in DVDFab folder…

I just download the decrypter last night. I can see all the files in the folder.

Ok! now open the folder ,you should have an empty AUDIO_TS and a VIDEO_TS which have VOB’s ,IFO’s and BUP’s… try to open in media player…
You see all files in folder that DVDD processed right?

Perhaps its was just the one movie I trouble with. I have decrypted two other movies, Bable and Casino Royale. I am able to use VLC media player with the DTS option turned off and all is ok. Without that being off the audio was barley audible. All of the VOBb and IFO info is in the folder.

The audio folder is empty.

Yes the audio folder will be empty… and perhaps the other one was bad/scratched or dirty maybe you could exchange it… use MPC or PowerDVD, to play see if that fixes the sound…