DVDFab Decrypter vs. DVD Decrypter

I’ve been using DVDFab Decrypter because it still is updated on a regular basis. I never used DVD Decrypter, is it better? :confused:

In my opinion the only “defect” of DVD Decrypter is that is not more developed and updated.

Other than the many options of decrypter, it is also capable of superb burnings, and dvd decrypter is one of the best burning softwares able to set correctly the layer break for DL burnings.

DVD decrypter give you more control, whereas DVDFab Decrypter give you very low options to choose.

Hope that this can help

I use DVDFab to rip it to the hd and DVD Shrink/Nero to compress and burn. My question is DVD Decrypter better at the decryption?

Regarding only decrypting function I think that they are equals.

Anyway I prefer DVD Decrypter because it also ca burn my discs, and because it give more control about ripping options, whereas DVDFab Decrypter not. Moreover DVD Decrypter give you more informations during ripping process: how many MB reading, how many space available on HD, what speed is reading, etc. And a very nice interface.

It’s also a matter of personal choice.

For removing all the latest copy protections, DVDFab Decrypter is better. I know Sony started adding additional copy protections since DVD Decrypter was last updated, and is unable to defeat. And there are probably others as well.

That said, for 95% of the movies out there, DVD Decrypter is still the more “pleasing” application to use. You have much more control over, and feedback on, your rip.