DVDFab Decrypter v2.9.6.6 and got it copy to hard drive now or how to i do next

need help got DVDFab Decrypter v2.9.6.6 and got it copy to hard drive now or how to i do next,

After it is on the HDD you’ll want a copy it to a dvd disc. Can you be more specific there is so many options. Dual or single layer DVD?

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Can you give more details? What do you want to do exactly?

i have a dual burner…what is a program i can use…dvd shrink will not open it…thanks glad to be here

What media are you useing? Dual or Single Layer?

Shrink only is good for single layer.

when i try to open the movie file shrink will not open it …single disc is all i have and i can get dual layer disc if need …just wonder how to burn the movie from dvdfab decryter

What mesage(s) are you getting when you try to open the folder…you are try to open the folder to process and not just the VOB files correct?

What movie is it?

eight below

This is a disney movie; probably it contain one of latest anti-copy protections.

Is v2.9.6.6 the latest version avaiable of dvdfab decrypter?

got it to my hard drive now what thanks for the help

??? answer to above

Also, DVDFabdecrypter will work just fine with shrink…you should dl the latest version I own the full retail package - Fab platinum, as well as the movie “Eight Below” and I created a bkup…no problem. Both the freeware and retail versions of fab have the same core decryptor code.

just new to this and need all the help i can get

Use the Open Files tab at the top of DVD Shrink to open the file named DVD made by DVD Fab. Cick on the folder named VIDEO_TS and open it. DVD shrink should now start analizing it. Go Here and read the tutorial. You would be best off if you printed it so you would have a copy. :iagree:
You should update DVD Fab Decrypter. is the newest available.

thanks for all the help …it work great…once again thanks for all the help