DVDFab Decrypter useless

I tried DVDFab Decrypter and it seems like a totally useless software to me. It does not compress the video to fit DVD5 that I can see. Damn I miss DVD Decrypter so what other software can I use to replace this crap DVDFab Decrypter that will compress it to fit on a DVD5?

DVD Decrypter doesn’t compress the video either. :wink:

If you use DVDFab Decrypter to rip and decrypt your Video DVD, then you can use e.g. DVD Shrink to compress your video and remove unwanted content.

And then you can use e.g. ImgBurn to burn the resulting image to a new DVD-5.


      DVDFab Decrypter does exactly what It's meant to do and that is DECRYPT, it wasn't meant to compress the video.

Sucks… DVD Decrypter did it all in one. It would decrypt, compress, and even burn if you wish or make an iso. I usually went for the latter. I even tried the DVDFab Gold that it’s based on and that sucks big time also. No taking a DVD9 folder and compressing it and burning to dvd. Again I had to use DVD Shrink which does decryption also so what use is DVD Decrypter? Without being able to shrink or put in iso format it’s crap compared to our old DVD Decrypter which I really wished was still around.

Erm…no. It didn´t compress. Not sure what you´re talking about, but it can´t be DVDD.


Molitar, this is a free program. If you do not like it you can write one for yourself.

Well, then use another progam. AnyDVD & elby CloneDVD2 for example. Works like a charm.

Molitor, sounds more anti-Fab more than anything. That and sounds like you don’t quite understand the different burning/ripping terms. What every other poster has said in this thread is true. Sometimes free (although in this case does exactly as advertised) doesn’t quite cut ones needs. There are plenty of reasonably priced commercial solutions available to satisfy your needs posted here, including Fab Platinum that work well, and constantly updated. Due to the changing nature of encryption, none of the solutions will be perfect on any given day…but come close. To choose wisely (free or pay), you first must understand the capability of each solution before choosing…or bashing.

Like I stated I tried their dvdfab gold and even it would not compress a dvd folder off the HD that was almost 7gb into a dvd5. It would burn the entire movie onto two dvd’s but not onto a single dvd. What good is that?

I’ll look into the others for a solution that will take a dvd9 folder from HD and compress and burn it to a dvd5 without having to use 3 different solutions to do the process. But it’s pretty poor that DVDFab Gold will only compress with a dvd copy and not from a DVD Folder or Image file it specifically warns it will not do DVD9 to DVD5.


Ok, this is the 6th cdf member telling you simply, that you’re wrong, and wrong consistently.

Larry summed it up very well, it’s obvious that you don’t know what you’re doing…which is fine…we all started there. The problem, quite frankly, is that you refuse to take advice and to learn. Repeating the same bad information doesn’t change the nature of that information…it’s still bad information.
I never understand why ppl. ask for help and then proceed to argue with everyone trying to help them… :confused:

Go ahead and change software, but stop complaining. There’s nothing wrong with the software. This is strictly a user problem.

One more time.

Dvd decrypter does not compress!
Gold does not compress!
These are unalterable laws in the universe of dvd burning…

Actually, DVD Fab Decripter is rather based on DVD Fab Express, which rips, compresses and burns in one click, but it is not free. Try it free for 30 days and buy it if you are satisfied only.

BTW, there is no freeware at present that can do all this with recent releases.

DVD Fab Decripter is solely intended for creating a folder on HD that can be manipulated by other programs for shrinking and burning.

:iagree: :wink:

BTW, there is no freeware at present that can do all this with recent releases
perhaps ripit4me and dvdecryptor and shrink ?

fab decrypter is a solid choice for decrypting full disc dvd to file. !!