DVDFab Decrypter under wine on Linux with Shrink errors

I’ve gotten v3.1.0.8 running successfully under Wine 0.9.33 and it seems to rip various DVDs successfully on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

However, none of the resulting files will open in DVDSHRINK to compress. DVDSHRINK errors out on all attempts.

I have ripit4me configured and it works fine, but I’m stumped with this issue. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Everything works fine under XP on the same hardware.


Also, the VOBs that are created by DVDFab Decrypter have scrambled bits in them where the video is pixelated and green.

How do you open the resulting files?

a) Using DVDShrink in wine from within the Ubuntu partition?
b) Do you rip the files to a FAT32 partition and try to read them from the WinXP partition? If not this option, could you try it out and let us know?

That might indicate they are still encrypted.

Key fact:

Neither the operating system nor file system you’re using are listed as being supported by DVDFab products. The blocking and green squares are unrecoverable (to your player) read errors (could have been write or encode errors, but I’ve never seen Fab produce these). Don’t shoot the messenger.:slight_smile:

Oh, no worries :slight_smile:
I process the files under wine with Shrink usually with Ripit4Me flawlessly. I thought I’d give Fab a try, since it appears to install fine.

I don’t have a FAT32 partition to write to, I keep XP & Linux separated intentionally.
Anyways, thanks for the advice.

May not be an OS issue at all, just that yours is only the 2nd post I’ve ever seen trying to run Fab on Linux. Good luck with it, you may need Fab to do movies with new encryption at some point.

cool. As a note, I was going by this:

I’ll keep working at it, to see what happens.

If Feng Tao happens to see this, I know several who would LOVE to see linux compatibility, even under wine (which is what ripit4me provided) if not a native port.

Please do and post results when possible to help other users.:slight_smile:

After reading a bit more, I’ve added a few more dll’s, but no dice. DVDFab HDDecrypter loads fine, appears to decrypt fine with reasonable times, but the output is still unreadable by DVDSHRINK, and the individual VOBs continue to have the green pixelated decryption issues. Perhaps I’ll bring this up in th ubuntu forums.

Any chances you you could assist here? With the increasing “security features” of Vista, it would be a great benefit to be able to manage our media on an open source OS. I’m not asking you to open your code, but some compatibility would be extremely appreciated.

Maybe Fengtao can add a note. In my experience, DVDFab will crash before producing the output you describe. Again, good luck.:slight_smile:

You do not have to have a FAT32 partition on your box to do this. If possible get yourself an older 20 GB HDD, install it in a housing (or Sharkoon adapter) and plug it through USB. Then mount it with Ubuntu and see if the files that the program rips to this partition can be read with DVDShrink from XP. Or maybe can be read from DVDShrink running in Wine.

The OS might not be the problem because Wine takes care of this, I guess, but the file system issue could be worked-around with a FAT32 partition.

Just a thought.

I’ve already noted that dvdshrink isn’t the issue, which can run under wine flawlessly from an ext3 partition. The issue is with DVDFab.
Running any portition of this process under XP would render this whole experiment mute. If the output files need to be processed by Windows, then the whole process may as well be run from Windows, which I’m trying to avoid.

I understand your point.

I cannot speak for DVDFab because I do not use it yet but I also mentioned the possibility of reading the files ripped to the fat32 partition from within Shrink running in Wine, in Linux. At least you could rule out that this is not an issue with the file system (it does not look like because it works with ri4m) An even simpler test could be temporarily split your Windows XP to create an extra fat32 partition. If it does not work then you can resize the partition back to normal.

I’m not seeing any difference ripping to a fat32 partition, either :frowning:

Thanks for the update.

I guess the DVDFab team will have to have a look at this if they find the time and the interest to do so.

You might have already seen these, based on the free version.




I can use DVDFab 5.105 Beta on Ubuntu 8.04 fine.

Some remarks:

-) The Options dialog does not work. (The notebook pages do not show up)
-) The Mobile preview breaks the deal => the DVD plays and I have no control over the app. Moving the window half out of the screen seems to break that preview attempt, but I cannot switch modes after that easily.

To summerize, it works, but it clearly has still some ugly bugs :frowning: