DVDFAB Decrypter Platinum - Clone



I am trying to backup one of my DVDs using DVDFab Decrypter Plat using clone. I am trying to burn the DVD to a DL disk using my Sony DL DVD burner, but it has failed twice and now have two platters. What am I doing wrong? I want to make an exact copy of the DVD.


What media are you trying to use?


I am using a Sony DVD+R DL disk and trying to copy directly to the disk. It appears to be working then fails.


Hi and welcome to the forum. May I ask what speed you are burning your D/L media at? I am not bashing Sony D/L media in anyway but I have found that Verbatim D/L media works best on my burners. I hope this helped.


I’m burning it at 4x.


also may want to make a change in common settings\READ in the Cache Control [B]un[/B]-check the box next to “ENABLE READ-AHEAD OF CACHE”


Thanks for the help. Let’s see if I have to process correct…select clone; source is the DVD (D: drive) and the target is my Sony DL burner; click start and it should work or am I missing some step? Also not sure what StormJumper is referring to as I do not see this setting.


Here is an entire thread discussing Sony DLs and the problems they cause, and there have been others.


If you are using DVDFab Platinum you can open common setting \ READ and make the change like I said in my last reply (note) If you are just using DVDFab Decrypter then you can not because the DVDFab Decrypter is not a burning software it just decrypts to your HD


Figured it out StormJumper, thanks a bunch…will take back the Sony DLs and get Verbatim DLs.


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For burning DL media I would only rely on DVD Decrypter.