DVDFab Decrypter and DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold updates introduce new DMA option

I just posted the article DVDFab Decrypter and DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold updates introduce new DMA option.

fengtao used our news submit to tell us DVD Fab Decrypter and DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold were
updated to version introduce a new option do enable DMA, which
supposedly speedsup…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10469-DVDFab-Decrypter-and-DVDFab-Platinum_Express_Gold-updates-introduce-new-DMA-option.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10469-DVDFab-Decrypter-and-DVDFab-Platinum_Express_Gold-updates-introduce-new-DMA-option.html)

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  • New: Option “Enable DMA” to speedup copying process. Where is it ?

The “Enable DMA” window will be shown only when the DMA is disabled. If the DMA is already enabled, it will not be shown.

I understand that the DVDFab Platinum is updated. But nowhere on the DVDIdle site do they mention anything about DVDFab Decrypter. I don’t understand what this is anyways, and why would you need it, if DVDFab Platinum/Express just takes off copy protection when you make a copy of a DVD. Also, you could get AnyDVD or the RegionFree + CSS on DVDidle would work also. To make my question clear is, what does DVDFab Decrypter do?

It’s a freeware. DVDFab Decrypter rip a protected DVD to disk. Other fengtao’s products are not freeware.

Thanks fengtao for your answer :slight_smile:
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I tried the free trail and burned a few copies using DVDFAB and the same movies using DVD decyrpter and DVD Shrink. The movies burned with DFAB would not play properly( freezing) in any of my stand alone players. The same movies using DVDDecrypter and Shrink played fine…