DVDFab Decrypter a FREE program to Honor DVDD!

What are your opinions of this new application?

It is Free and you can get it HERE. It comes from the people at DVD Idle. Thanks to them all for another FREE application.


Yep looks like this is the first viable alternative ripper so far, personally though I’m sticking with Decrypter for a while and hoping that vStrip gets resurrected.

I’ve not tried it yet, but anyway Big Thanks to the dvdidle team, for another free tool!

I might give it a test drive, but I could not find any info about it on their site.

There’s a new update for DvdFabDecrypter v.!
Get it Here :wink:

It looks really good with the first dvds I ripped using it.
Might be a great idea to add the ISO copy mode to this program.
Some may complain you don’t have any options to tick… but I think 99% of the users don’t care or are not informed about options like those found in dvddecrypter. What they need is a one click app that works, each time, that’s all.
So far, this one works well. Let’s hope they keep it updated as often as needed.
…and a possibility for ISO images, pleaaaase.


Yes, thanks for the new tool! ISOs would be great too… :slight_smile:

If you want ISO format, you’ll have to buy at least DVDFab Express.

Don’t be greedy now; unlike LIGHTNING_UK!, Fengtao is a commercial operation; just be thankful that they have been willing to provide a free ripping alternative updated to deal with all current dvd protections.

[Btw, you can always use Image Tool Classic to convert your ripped files into iso format and then burn the iso with Dvd Decrypter anyway.]

A noble gesture. Sincere appreciation and gratitude to Fengtao.

I second that…couldn’t 've said it better… :bow:

Oh, absolutely.
I didn’t realize the retail version did ISOs. That’s perfectly fine, then. Not being greedy. I’m extremely satisfied with the performance. Great job.

There’s a new update for DvdFabDecrypter v.
Get it Here :smiley:

History (06/21/2005)

  • New: Option “Enable DMA” to speedup copying process. (06/17/2005)

  • New: Set the RCE region based on the system language automatically
    when first run.
  • Change: Create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS sub-folder in the output folder
    directly, instead of creating them in the “Disc1” sub-folder. (06/15/2005)
First release.

A good effort, and no doubt it will improve. It does cope with ARccOS, but DVDShrink doesn’t like the output and will not open the files. (There’s an exception to that, but I’ll get to it. :wink: )

The DVD: House of Flying Daggers, region 1. Pretty typical, bad sector protection at the beginning of the main movie titleset. Very much like “The Forgotten”. Version ripped it in a little over one half hour, version took over two hours. :eek: [huh?]

DVDShrink stopped partway through analysis and threw a data error. (Both rips, BTW). Hmmm, okay, tried DVDShrink 2.3 instead. Hit open files and selected VTS_11_0.IFO (main movie titleset), got an error, hit cancel, nevertheless the files came up. Hit reauthor, dragged main movie over, then start/end frames, went to chapter two and reversed to 1 second. Backup. The main movie then backed up fine, but there were no compression options, so to actually shrink the movie required another go.

Now, don’t think I’m ungrateful, but I also ran it through DVDDecrypter with no trouble and the last version of DVDShrink accepted the output. (The DVDDecrypter log indicated it had inserted dummy sectors.) Nevertheless, it’s good to have more options, and no doubt Fengtao will be able to fix any little shortcomings in an otherwise excellent program. Thanks. :slight_smile:

For the ARccOS DVDs that are ripped with DVDFab Decrypter and causes problems when you open them in DVD Shrink; this is a very odd solution - but it works. Run the files thru DVD Rebuilder (freeware) with no compression and the files that comes out can be opened up in DVD Shrink. This odd solution will add an extra 8-10 minutes to your total backup time.

Indeed, I just read that yesterday and will give it a go with DVDRB. I have also read with great interest your posts (Digital Digest Forum) on how to create and use PSL files with DVDDecrypter. Thank you, Cynthia. :wink:

[EDIT] BTW, “Supermoderatress” over there and “Rookie” over here. (?) Hope to see you build a large post count. Sorry, couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that with the PSL files - once you understand them - will make the lifetime for DVD Decryper a bit longer. I hate to loose a good friend. :slight_smile:

didnt know where else to pu this, I am having trouble backing up an “unoffical”
live dvd purchased on ebay. The original plays fine, DVDD gets an error and locks up in iso mode, yer gonna laugh, but when using dvd decryter in file mode I dont know how to tell the program “ok now burn those files to the blank dvd in the drive” DVDfabexpress can read the whole discs properly but when you try to change the source and destination after the read mode it doesnt understand my dvd drive, or is it that dvdfab express only dumps it to your HD assuming you are going to use another program to burn the disc??? can someone tell me if you can burn a disc with fab express, hasnt worked for me, it seems to be the only prog that can read these discs…

Hmm, tried running the DVDFabDecrypter files through DVDRebuilder v.0.91, no go. Error 0006, inconsistency in source data between prepare & rebuild phases. Evidently this particular disc is an exception. [shrug]

okay Listen to this, I dled the trial version of dvd fab platinum, it read and burned the discs in file mode, said the burn was sucsessful. I discovered these are PAL discs, the originals play fone on my multireigion players (I have an akai 3850s, and a cyberhome ch 300) BUT the copies dont play on ANYTHING! I usually burn at 4x cause my akai seems to like it that way, this is the ONLY discs that have not played on the cyberhome, so I have finally found a disc that cannot be copied…but the originals play. I always thought there was a way to copy everything. Leave it to me to get the exception.anyone have any further ideas??