DVDFab Decrypter 3.x Very Slow :S

Not sure what the problem is, but when using 2.x I was decrypting @ atleast 12MB/s, now with 3.x it never goes above 4MB/s. I reverted back to 2.x and it returns to 12MB/s.

Anyone have any idea?

That is reason it is still in beta, to find the bugs in it. I’d suggest that you send info to fentgao, so he can work on it.


Hi Comm,

Do you use latest beta 8?

Do you use internal hard disk or external hard disk?

When copying, does your CPU usage increase to 100%?

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I’ve been using DVDFab Decrypter since version, with DVDFab Decrypter 3 Beta 8 things seems atleast as good if not better as far as speed goes. Great i-face by the way :wink:

Thanks for the ultra-fast responses.

Yes I am using the latest Beta 8 and no it doesnt goto 100% cpu, usually 15-20%.

I am writing to (in both 2.x and 3.x) a mapped network drive. I did some further tests and copying to my local internal drive started at 5MB/s and increased to just over 10MB/s. Is there a limiter in DVDFab on TCP communication? surely it should just treat it as a normal drive? It currently seems limited to 2.75MB/s :frowning:

I have only backed up one disc, “The sentinel”, but I was only getting speeds of .5 to 1.7 MBps in clone mode. The backup took over two hours.

Both of my drives are master / slave on the same IDE interface. Would that be the problem, or are those speeds in clone mode normal?

Comm, the problem will be fixed in next beta.

hifiaudio2, for your problem, it may be caused by DMA is not enabled, and next beta will check and enable DMA for you. For now, you can try our another product DVD Region+CSS Free to enable DMA.

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Wonderful news :smiley:

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Are the speeds slow for both the rip and burn?
Do the other modes create bkups in “reasonable” time?

I don’t believe the cabling is an issue. I mean, ideally it would be nice to have them on separate cables…there are some purists that insist on this, but I think most of us have it configured like you…I do and have no problems.

Clone mode takes a while for me too, but nowhere near 2 hours.
I check out the speeds and transfer rate and get back to you.

Thanks fengtao, ripping at twice what it used to now with Beta9, still 40% slower than to local HDD but much better :slight_smile: