Dvdfab decrypter error

Hi all,

Yesterday I’ve tried Dvdfab Decrypter with a movie I’ve bought and found that it have some sort of error. Once a while, the movie freezes for 1 second or so (maybe less).
So, I’ve back to Dvdfab Decrypter

Has anyone has the same problem?

Yes, I do. My rips played back off the hard drive with major stuttering. Didn’t even try burning to disc. I’ve been looking for A nice user offered to get it to me. If we have trouble arranging that, mind if I ask you for it?


Yes, it’s no problem. I’ll send it to you in a private message.

Thanks. Turn out won’t complete a rip either. Just happened for the first time…

Hi. I’m using the version. You could try too.

Yep, that’s likely my next move.

Just saw beta, I’ll try that out.