DVDFab Decrypter Beta1

Dear all,

DVDFab Decrypter (01/11/2006):

  • Change: Improved copying engine.
  • Change: Fixed problem that DVD Shrink cannot locate main movie,
    when copying some Sony ARccOS protected DVDs, like “The Cave” (US).
  • Fix: A corrupt data problem when copying “Wedding Crashers” (US).

Best Regards,

Thanks for the update, It’s greatly appreciated.

hello !
what about an update to fab platinum
its about time
we are realy waiting for it and for your new update software as you promise.
best regards
mr m.
:bow: :bow:

Hi motzaeli,

Don’t worry, when new beta of DVDFab Decrypter is stable, we will update DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold.

Also, since DVDFab Decrypter must work with DVD Shrink and other programs, there are more work to do than DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold.

Best Regards,

hello again !
thank you very much for your answer
cant wait for the new update
trust you as a happy dvd fab platinum user
mr m.

Fengtao, thanks for the update…appreciate it.

thanks for the update much appreciated!!! this product doesn’t get the recognition it deserves!!!

i liked it when you did your updates on the main site…you did beta releases all the time on the main site

but i can live with the updates here…lol

I am trying to burn Wedding Crashers however when i am using DVD Decrypter and then try to burn on my Nero it will never copy the movie I am not sure if I am doing something really wrong. Please help

Hi Jayme,

Why not try DVDFab Decrypter? It’s also freeware, and it’s always updated to beat the latest protections.

Best Regards,

Thanks man!

A suggestion for DVDFab Gold. When I get done watching a 2 disc movie sometimes I want to watch the special features and have to get up and reinsert Disc 1. There should be an option to put features on Disc 2. thanks

Hi james_stewart,

The DVDFab 3 has the option to put special features on disc 1 or disc 2, please wait for the new version.

Best Regards,

Great! thanks alot. I’ve wanted that feature since I started using DVDFab the free version