DVDFab Decrpyer or AnyDVD - Difference?

Hey, quick question. Could someone tell me the difference between these two most popular ripping programs? Which is the preferred?


DVDFab is a all in one program (rips dvd to HD, Compresses (If needed), and burns)(That is the Gold Version, Plat. Version you get dvd to mobile devices feature). AnyDVD allows ripping on the fly with other programs, but can also rip to HD. You can also get better quality usng AnyDVD with some freeware programs, which I mostly do, but takes longer, but sometimes I use DVDFab Gold, and sometimes DVDFab updates for a newer movie than AnyDVD like recently Blades Of Glory. I own AnyDVD and DVDFab Gold and don’t regret buying either one.

i own any dvd and i can’t get a new movie to load up to play. i have the last update 1.67. do not know if it’s the driver or what.
can anyone lead me in the right direction? older movies load fine.

What are you trying to play it through?

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If you are just ripping to harddrive to burn with a program such as IMGburn, woudlnt they be exactly the same?

Pretty much, but sometimes the other will put out a update for a new movie that the other cant do yet, but ususally only a 1-3 day difference. If your worried about paying for it and want it free, then I’d suggest DVDFab HD Decrypter (to rip to HD), Dvd Shrink (to compress if needed), and ImgBurn (To burn to dvd,which you already said you want to use). All those programs are free.

My question is why would any pay for AnyDVD when Decrypter does the same thing for free?

Also, wouldnt compressing with DVDShrink hurt the quality and make it the same as burning with Shrink instead of IMGBurn?

Obviously you don’t own AnyDVD, do a little research, AnyDVD does a whole lot more than you think, and DVDD is not updated anymore , it will not do the Arcoss discs without AnyDVD in the background. The question is " Why would anyone be without AnyDVD ":iagree:

Some people like the extra features, for more advanced users. Also the paid versions of DVDFab are a all in one program (rips/compresses/burns), thats why that program costs. AnyDVD allows you to watch copy protected dvds on your computer as it decrypts “On-The-Fly”. Of coarse there are more features to both of thses programs, but I have just named a few. Yes compressing does hurt the quality, but hardily noticeable, atleast to me. But if you are using DL media then there is no need to compress, but if you use SL media then you need to.


I agree it is a excellent program :iagree: I also think DVDFab Gold is an excellent program. I just like the best of both worlds. :bigsmile:

No, im simply just talking about ripping the movie to the harddrive. Wouldnt DVDFab HD Decrypter and AnyDVD do the exact same rip?

All I have heard of ANyDVD is you can watch the movie on your computer while it rips? Sounds rediculous to me, because chances are if you put the movie in it is to rip and burn.

I don’t know how you rip, but, I personally do all my ripping with CloneDVD2 set to DVD+R DL mode(to turn OFF compression) with AnyDVD running in the background. This allows me to select which titlesets to keep and/or remove. Once I have my rip (minus crap I don’t want like trailers, etc) on the hard drive, I use Recode to compress it and ImgBurn to burn it. Flawless.

With DVDFab HD Decrypter you can…oh, right, rip the whole thing to the hard drive including previews, “don’t pirate me” warnings, extras you’ll never watch, etc. Then you can use VobBlanker to remove all the unwanted crap, assuming you have enough space on the hard drive and of course time to sit there and wait for it to rewrite it all to the hard drive. THEN you can use whatever to compress it so you can burn.

To answer your question, however, using AnyDVD alone to rip to the hard drive will produce the same result as DVDFab HD Decrypter…a FULL rip of the disc. The question is, why would you want to do things that way? :slight_smile:

Because it’s free :bigsmile:

That’s quite valid. I have no problem with that. :slight_smile: As I’ve said in the past, “as long as it works for you, then it’s what you should use.” I find AnyDVD to be a great product, and while not free, it adds some nice features. I DO use a HTPC so having real time decryption and PUO removal is a VERY GOOD THING™. :slight_smile:

Great question!!!
Why anyone would pay about $50, maybe a little less, for AnyDVD and allied progs, has always been a mystery to me.
Especially when there are excellent FREE programs, such as:
DVDFab HD Decrypter or Ripit4me, out there for the taking.

There is that old adage about a fool and his money, but I wont go there. :smiley:

Agreed! I don’t use that feature for ripping a disc but when I want to watch a movie and not have to wait for a ad to finish I can just zoom right through it all. :flower:

You can remove PUO restictions with many progs.
Dont understand why you think this is a big deal???
Of course… Its great to be able to do it, but it aint that tough a thing to do, duh!

I’m aware of that jamos but if I just want to watch it I do not wish to have to rip it to my hard drive before hand. With AnyDVD I can just pop in the disc, enable PUO in the settings and start watching. This comes in handy for people with HTPC setups.

When I rip it to my hard drive I use PgcEdit to control where and how my PUO restrictions are dealt with.

But to get to use Anydvd, you have to part with mucho dinero.
Motto: Patience saves you money!!! And it is not that big a deal, patience wise.
BTW, Linx, i am still waiting. I have a very very very … very long memory when I have been unjustly offended.

That’s where you and I differ. I purchase products which do a really good job. There isn’t anything else on the market which can do what AnyDVD can do. Luckily I bought it before the price hike :stuck_out_tongue:

I even donate to freeware programs. Some are just too good.