Dear Friends,

I have used the CUSTOMIZED features occasionally. But there are features that I am not too sure how to use them and what exactly they do.

  1. “REWIND WHEN DONE PLAYING” in CUSTOMIZE window. What is this and what does it do? According to the tutorial, if this is checked, it will play in a continuous loop.
    Does it means that if I check this, the movie will continue to play in the DVD player? Also, does enabling it helps making the playing more stable?

  2. Some time I have seen the COPY NON-DVD FILES. What is that and how does it helps in the playing and ripping?

  3. TITLE PLAYING ORDER SETTING. I noticed that they are usually 1 to 32. What are this for?

I tried searching thread for this feature but was not able to find a good “tutorial” for it. (DVDFAB tutorial does not provide much explaination on it)

Please accept my apology for asking you this simple feature. I assumed that almost everyone using DVDFAB already know how to use it, except me, the Sea Monster…:o

Your kind is really appreciated.


  1. I reckon the answer would be yes - commands are inserted to restart the DVD.

  2. DVDs often have other stuff in them called PC ROM files and jacket pictures. This gives you the option to copy that garbage - why you’d want it, I don’t know.

  3. Sounds like you can order the playing of the various titles - maybe the feature first followed by extras in whatever order you like.

Try these on a DVD and see how you go.


Dear blutach,

Thank you…it would mean that I have to play around the features so that I can better understand the features within Customize.

Thank you for your help.


Not a bad idea, but you just need to read the tutorial, from which I quote below, more closely:

If the “No Menus” option is checked, your customized backup will start with the first title and the “Rewind When Done Playing” checkbox will become active. [B]Use this to cause the selected title(s) to play in a continuous loop[/B].

Copy DVD-Video Data Only: This small checkbox prevents DVDFab from copying DVD-ROM or other non-movie content (such as the JACKET_P folder or other files) from the original during the clone process. This will also prevent studio-supplied players (InterActual, etc.) from being included on the backup.

Customize: is a powerful copying mode that gives user control over almost all the content of the DVD output. You can copy specific title(s)/audio/subpictures and set defaults for playback, include or eliminate original menus, and [B]specify title playback order [/B]to create a DVD with only the stuff you want