DVDFab Creator section

I’ve been playing around with a few Blu-ray authoring programs this last week and decided to examine this section of DVDFab a little more closely than I ever have before.

There are some obvious options that simply don’t exist in the program, and they are, in my opinion, areas of opportunity for the DVDFab organization.

Blu-ray authoring is a neglected field, at least for programs of modest cost. Most of the really good ones are expensive, in the hundreds of dollars, stretching into the tens of thousands for those who need professional level tools. For amateurs, there are fewer good options.

What is missing in DVDFab is more control over the encoder, more control on resolutions and better options for manipulating the few templates included in the program.

For instance, there is no option to make a 50GB or 25GB Blu-ray using 720p resolution. This is a valid Blu-ray resolution, but there is no way to do it in Fab.

Also, and this is a big missing piece, there is no way to pass through video and audio that are already compliant to Blu-ray specifications. This is, quite frankly, something that is hard to understand. If they added this one feature, I would use this program for authoring quite often, since I have SO much more control over video and audio encoding with other tools.

A relatively blank template, with buttons that could be added, would also help the program. Bring in your own background, add the buttons you want and this would be a good tool for amateurs wanting to make their own Blu-ray movies.

Some good suggestions in there Kerry. :iagree:

TBH I think the more flexible a program is the more likely it is that people will use it so it’s always great to see the options increased as this enhances the program.