DVDFab create protected disc

As you can see from my low number of posts that I am pretty new at this. I tried doing some searches but didn’t really come up with anything and I’m really not sure where to post this question. Also, I was treated pretty well here with my first question so I thought I would try it once again.

I looked at the post on this site about a list of Blu-ray writers that support ‘binding nonce generation’, and decided that I would buy a new blu-ray writer to try to get past Cinavia. In my first post on this site I was asking about Cinavia, thinking that my setup would not be bothered with it. Since then I tried doing a backup of The Woman In Black and all of sudden Cinavia raised it’s ugly head.

What I’m trying to make sure of is if I install one of the writers on the List of Blu-ray Writers That Support Cinavia BDMV-REC Recording, would that allow me to watch discs containing Cinavia? I understand that I would have to use DVDFab and check the box for “create protected disc”. My current writer (an LG BH10LS30) doesn’t allow it.

Thanks in advance, Rick

Rick, your question really belongs in the DVDFab forum, so I’m moving it in there. You should get more informed replies from the guys who use Fab regularly.