DvdFab crashing!

Hi, I have not used DvdFab since the update and now that I have it is closing down everytime I try to start a project. I want to merge/customise 2 of my Dvd’s.

What should I do?

Recently installed a few anti spyware programmes and HP software for wireless printer. Please dont say I should disable printer software!!! My husband would “tear his hair out”.

Sorry, forget it just now, as I realize the problem, I think. Will try it first.

Could not delete post!

Hi elainek,

Welcome to DVDFab forum.

Please tell us how you fix the problem, since it may help others.


Best Regards,

Hello, was not a problem!! I forgot I had changed the name in some of the files , I changed them back and it worked.

Thanks for a great program!! Might get a new dvd player which plays Divx (avi) so may not use it so often but it has been a good buy for me.