DVDFab Copying DVD to DVD

I recently upgraded DVDFab from the free trial version to the paid one.
Once I did that my DVD To DVD copies no longer played on any of my DVD players but only on my computer.

Has any one had a similar problem or am I just a newbie at this.

what settings are you using in the write mode. If you are using packet writing change it to SAO writing. What kind of discs are you using DVD-r or dvd+r. If using dvd+r check the set booktype to dvd-rom box.

Hmmm… I wonder if any of the default settings change between trial & full version. It seems unlikely but we’d need someone still in trial mode to carefull note all of the settings, then see if any change when changing to the paid for version. I would have expected that simply entering a key woudl not change any program settings though