DVDFab Copy vs Ripper vs Converter



Would someone be kind enough to explain the difference in these three DVD Fab options.
When do you use Copy, vs When to use Ripper vs When to use Converter?

Copy failed to create a proper backup copy of Lets Be Cops, so I’m trying Ripper, but probably wasting my time and blank DVD’s.


[B]Copy[/B] mode is used with DVDs or Blu-rays when you wish to have the output in the same format as the Source, either VIDEO_TS or BDMV folder or ISO, with either identical or changed (compressed, edited, etc.) characteristics.

[B]Ripper[/B] is used when you wish to convert a VIDEO_TS or BDMV Source to a video file format (MP4/MKV/AVI etc.)

[B]File Converter[/B] is used when you wish to change the format or characteristics of a video file (e.g. MP4 to AVI etc. or MKV to MKV with different settings).

You can get more details for each of these modes and others on the DVDFab website.