DVDFab Copy Failure

I’m using DVDFab Platinum (Gold Mode) v. and was attempting to copy a DVD movie to hard drive via Wizard – Copy Disc Fully – DVD Folder. I’ve used this to copy many disks successfully and without any errors. Also, the disk in question appears undamaged and plays fine.

Here’s the error message I received:

Failed! [2001,0]

I’m also attaching the dvdfab_burn.log file.


I don’t know much about burn logs, so I’ll leave that to portmac or fengtao. You may want to PM them and let them know a log has been posted. 2001 error is sector not found, 2000 is unexpected packet.



Thanks. Are you aware of any workaround for this error, or does it imply a faulty DVD?

Thanks again,


Try ripping to the harddrive first using DVDFab Decrypter

I did notice that you are about 2 updates behind. Also dmp31 posted a good way as the free version sometimes contain experimental newer tools that when proven go to the commerical version. Are you trying to create an ISO?


As dmp31 suggests, try updating your software to v. As long as you have platinum, I’d try that first. Both platinum and fabdecrypter would have the same updated decrypter. I’ve never had to use fabdecrypter, but perhaps dmp31 knows a trick I’m not aware of…it can’t hurt to try if platinum fails.

What movie are you trying to bkup? The error “sector not found” could be a “bad” sector as part of the copy protection scheme.

Sorry Mack, guess I was typing as you were posting…

Through personal experiences, ripping to the harddrive first has given me better results. Although I don’t use Platinum (Gold/Express) I do at times use DVDFab Express in conjunction with AnyDVD, at first I thought they’d give me problems running both simultaneously, but they have worked flawlessly together so far.

From the posted log file:

5/29/2006 12:22:20 PM info Compatible media types : CD-R, CD-RW
5/29/2006 12:22:20 PM info New Drive selected : 1:0:0 - PLEXTOR CD-R PREMIUM 1.05 [D] (Ide)
5/29/2006 12:22:20 PM info Current Drive selected : 1:0:0 - PLEXTOR CD-R PREMIUM 1.05 [D] (Ide)

You may want to select your DVD reader/writer instead of your Plextor CD writer.

Ditto on that, I happen to use platinum and I’m very happy with it. A while back I inadvertantly had AnyDVD running in the background and I thought it was strange that I didn’t run into conflicts. I’ve been leaving it on and I agree, they work flawlessly together.