DVDFab Copy Blu-ray Clone issue

I just spent many, many days copying my Blu-rays using the latest (and some prior) version of DVDFab - creating iso files. I want to have an exact image of the disc on file which is what I thought the word “clone” meant. Unfortunately, I just discovered more than half of those titles don’t include the sub-picture (caption) even though it exists on the DVD. This is very painful to discover at the end of the line given the length of time it takes per DVD. I’ve reported the issue to technical support but not very hopeful of a solution anytime soon - if ever.

Is anyone aware of another product I could look at? My requirements are remove the protection, clone the disc and most importantly, include the sub-picture captions if it exists on the disc - all into an iso file?

My hearing loss forces me to rely on the captions to follow the story line.

Thanks for the help

Have 2 programs for you to try, first is Ideal DVD Software http://club.myce.com/f178/ and second AnyDVD http://club.myce.com/f88/

Both programs have free trials