DVDFab Convert to MP4 - What FPS should I be getting?

Hardware Q6600 OC to 3.4GHZ - 4gb 1066mhz Ram - SATA Sony DRU-V200S dvdRw - WD 500GB 32mb Cache HD

I’m currently converting to MP4 and achieving FPS rates of around 95fps at default MP4 settings except 2 Pass selected along with highest sound quality and 5000Kps quality.

Is this normal i’ve heard guys talk of upwards of 150fps and wandering if there is an issue with my setup

You’re smokin’ for what you’ve selected. Cut that 5000 down to about 1500 and watch what happens! You really don’t need that high of a bit rate, but your call.

THanks 90312!

I will try that!

Is there anyway to convert to MP4 in a bigger resolution that 720x???

Would I be able to convert to 1280x800 for my Macbook?


I’m including a table I use to determine the frame resolution for viewing when using DVD to mobile files.
I’m sure there will be other opinions, but I’ve found that exceeding these parameters doesn’t really add anything to the
viewing experience, just time and file size. I see it lost a bit of formatting, if it’s too hard to follow let me know and do it another way.

Aspect Ratio 4x3 PAL 16x9 enhanced PAL 4x3 NTSC 16x9 enhanced NTSC
1.33:1 720 x 576 = 414,720 538 x 576 = 309,888 720 x 480 = 345,600 538 x 480 = 258,240
1.66:1 720 x 461 = 331,920 671 x 576 = 386,496 720 x 384 = 276,480 671 x 480 = 322,080
1.78:1 720 x 430 = 309,600 720 x 576 = 414,720 720 x 358 = 257,760 720 x 480 = 345,600
1.85:1 720 x 414 = 298,080 720 x 554 = 398,880 720 x 345 = 248,400 720 x 461 = 331,920
2.35:1 720 x 326 = 234,720 720 x 436 = 313,920 720 x 271 = 195,120 720 x 363 = 261,360

hi :o that’s kinda gone over my head…

But thanks for the info as I’m when I learn a little more it will definately come in use!

For some reason the highest resolution i can pick when I rip to MP4 format is 640x480

What I really want is 1280x800 - Why isn’t this an option in DVDFab?

Thanks 90312 you’re a big help!!!

I’ll give you my take on that pmuk, the table I posted is the screen/frame resolution of a DVD as purchased. If you stretch it out as much larger as you want to, where does the data come from? If the source is 720x480 make the file 720x480 at a good bit rate then use the media player to fill the display on the fly. You’ll save time and file size.

Sorry about taking a day to get back to you but it was Saturday!

Hi 90312!

Thanks for getting back to me - especially on a day of rest!!!

I understand now about the rip resolution makes sense!]

Incidently I’m ripping a DVD at 800Kps Mp4 for my blackberry storm and loving the 250-330fps encoding rate :iagree:

Thanks for all your help!