DVDFab compress or DVDShrink?



I wonder which has the better PICTURE quality when it comes to compressing DVD9toDVD5.

DVDFab clearly has the speed advantage, 30mins compared to DVDShrink’s 2 hours, which I love :smiley: But DVDShrink has Deep Analyzing which is supposed to improve video quality.

So my question is, which will give me better picture quality in the end? :slight_smile: And if it’s DVDShrink, is it worth the extra hour?



Hello itaintrite
I use DVDFab Platinum more then any other progtam , but at the same time I also use DVD Shrink for other jobs.
DVD SHrink does a good job when you use the Deep Analyzing but other then that DVDFab Platinum gives just as good of a job and picture quality as shrink and as you said in less time oh and bty if your using shrink and it takes 2 hour you got a problem , it has never taken me that long


[U]progtam[/U] :confused:

Fingers and Eyes just not what they use to be :bigsmile: :bow:


Yeah, I don’t believe there’s any advantage in using shrink re: “PICTURE quality”. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve always loved shrink, still do, but use it less and less these days. For re-authoring, shrink clearly still has advantages, but Fab is coming along nicely especially with Fengtao’s merge feature.
I imagine I’ll keep shrink on my system for sometime though…it’s like an old friend.


I agree with maineman. For speed and quality DVDFab has it hands down. Although I too keep Shrink on my desktop for that occasional project. ~ Mike


I agree with everyone with the following exception: Shrink allows you to control compression on a title-by-title basis, which can be handy for some backup tasks. The “Deep Analysis” two pass compression option of DVDShrink theoretically should make some difference in picture quality, but these old eyes:eek: can’t see it.


I agree signals and your eyes aren’t that much older than mine, '59. So what you are saying is pretty accurate I 'd say.


Thanks for the feedbacks guys. Guess I’ll stick to DVDFab for daily use :slight_smile:



Hi itaintrite
Man I thought you forgot about your thread :bigsmile: , glad to see you back like everyone says more or less is that DVDFab does very well in the compression process.
Catch you later and don’t be a stranger



Haha, I did. Been so busy for the last few weeks trying to help out a friend that I totally forgot :slight_smile: And the fact that I also forgot to subscribe to this thread didn’t help :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, thanks again.



I use DVD Fab Gold - and play the resultant discs on my Panasonic Up-Converting DVD player to a Hitachi Ultra-Vision 57 inch HDTV - and the DVD Fab versions are superior to the Shrink versions - IMHO-eh!