What as happen to dvdfab.co.uk I purchased my dvdfab express from them 18 months ago, now dvdfab.com say I can not have a new key because they have not been paid by dvdfab.co.uk. How long is it since dvdfab.co.uk paid anymoney, if they were paying 18 months ago then dvdfab.com have got my money.

A google search for dvdfab.co.uk results in no workable links. There was one that said it was down for heavy maintaince but support redirected to here and the key activation was closed. My guess is that they started as a legit affiliate then become greedy and started sending everyone the same key. You have to be careful where you purchase software. Also, they were probable illegal if working out of the UK.


Hi millers,

dvdfab.co.uk started to be our affiliate, but they only payed us for one or two months, then they always find reasons to not pay, so we have to disable it.

I have the contact info of dvdfab.co.uk, maybe you can ask them to refund your money:

Company Name: Playtron Ltd

Suite 50, Westmead House
123 Westmead Road
United Kingdom

Tel 0044 208 7224748
Fax 0044 208 722 4720

Best Regards,

Hi Fengtao if dvdfab.co.uk were your affilates didn’t I buy my copy from a true supplier 18 months ago, why should I be punished if they stopped paying yourself. If they stopped paying why not close them asap (its 18 month since I paid for my copy). I have had several new keys in the past all saying it is regested to my email and not dvdfab.co.uk.

If the dude can provide you with a copy of an email stating he has paid and providing proof… why not give him a new key?

I am sure if he bought while they were legit he would be in the database, but he needs to try to deal with the company where the purchase was made. I am not sure who the pay processor was for DVDFab.co.uk, but that is place to start because the can do a refund most of the time because most hold back a certain amount for that purpose. I know because I have received refunds in past when other SW providers sent the wrong product.


I didn’t tell Fengtao I bought from dvdfab.co.uk they knew I did from my email address (when I told them I had changed emails) so I’m on their database, my version says its reguisted to my email . To me this means everything was OK between both companies when I paid, over 18 months ago! (so how can I get a refund). It seems to me that I’m (and maybe others) are being punished for what as happen since, WHY?

Hmmm, I am with millers on this one. If he bought the product from an affiliate it should be just like buying it from dvdidle. He received updates in the past, so why cut him off because an affiliate didn’t pay dvdidle.

Have you tried to PM fengtao and explain that you are on the database or since you were able to change email on the fengtao’s DB try the auto up date. This is a matter that probably is best resolved in private because if done in public others who did not buy when they were paying or did not buy will try to take advantage to try to get a free copy. Were you a member of the old Dvdidle forum?


Please consider when you paied someone for somethings the real responsable is not the author but the resellers. You can ask to the author to bypass this problem but you cannot say that the author punished any regular users.
You should ask dvdfac.co.uk to garantee your update or refund back your money.

gotta side with user, sounds like account IS verified. Customer should not be held responsible for bad business partners…product bought in good faith. Really no brainer, key should be forwarded to this customer.

If millers was legal in the past then he is legal now.
Sending a key will cost nothing.
Not sending a key could cost several new costumers .


I guess from a strictly legal and business as usual perspective, bovirus is correct to point out that ultimately, the reseller is the responsible party here…but straight from the gut, I gotta side with Larry, et al. on this one.
The user did buy Fab from a bonafide affiliate, I mean it’s not like he bought it on ebay or some shady discount site.

I vote for millers…I say give the user a break… :iagree:

My take on this one is that if-

  1. The licence were purchased from an source that was authorised to sell at the time of purchase.


  1. The licence issued was legitimate (i.e. a separate individual key and not a key issued to multiple purchasers).

Then the user has a legitimate licence for the program and is legally entitled to the free updates. The dispute as to payment to fengtao by the seller is really an issue as between them (i.e. it is for fengtao to sue the seller for the unremitted licence fees if he wishes to do so).

If, however, the seller were not so authorised at the time of purchase or if the key issued is illegitimate, then fengtao is under no obligation to provide the free update but, as maineman suggests, it’s more a question of whether fengtao will give millers a break.

Hi update, I PM Fengtao 11 hours ago still waiting for reply. Thanks to all who support me.

Dear all,

If you purchased DVDFab from dvdfab.co.uk before 2005/1/31, we will update your record to get new license key for DVDFab 3.

Please PM me your order e-mail address, and I’ll process it asap.

Best Regards,

Just got my new key, thanks Fengtao I received key about 10 seconds after PM you again so you can ignore it. Thanks for everybody who supported me. I now know these forums do work (first time I’ve used one). I we be looking at it again and again now, thanks

@millers - I’m glad it worked out for ya!!!

@fengtao - :clap: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Fengtao a good egg, but “power to the people”. Enjoy the product.

Congrats millers and thanks to Fengtao for his continued support and integrity… :clap: