DVDFab Closes

DVDFab opens to the selection screen and no matter which version I select, I see a quick flash of the program trying to open a disc then it closes. I have done reinstalls, clean uninstalls and even tried old versions but the same thing always happens. I using using XP sp3. Any ideas?

What movie title are you trying to backup ?

Wow that a little strange so like SJ asked what movie is this. Also can you go into common settings pathplayer and change the setting from enable when necessary to always enabled and try again. If that not work then try it with pathplayer disabled and then post back if that helped you or not

After more and more fiddling I figured it out. For some reason DVDFab did not like an iso loaded into a virtual drive. Once I unloaded it everything seemed to work fine. I was searching around in the registry, reset my DMA and a bunch of other stuff. It was driving me nuts. Thanks for the assistance guys.

Well glad you got it worked out :bigsmile: