Dvdfab cinavia removal

i feel i have been ripped off being dvdfab told me i had to purchase the cinavia removal software after having the all-in-one lifetime bundle which i PAID a lot of money for. i have ruined countless dvd9,blue ray,25,and 50 GIG disks because of the Cinavia watermarks.now they want more money for a fix that shouldnt cost customer more money than they have already put forth. plus, i have ruined more disks by the fail software because of bugs they have NEVER fixed since i bought from them in 2013… stay AWAY from DVDfab(sad)

It seems to me that the lifetime bundle that you purchased didn’t have a cinavia removal module as it is a comparatively new product. That being the case, you haven’t been ripped off as you continue to get updates of the DVDFab product that you purchased.

**You are correct had he purchased the AIO lifetime bundle when the Cinavia module had come out it would have been included in the AIO lifetime package.
I had to buy the module too and I didn’t complain about being ripped off…

Even though Cinavia removal software is built in the all-in-one package, it is new product. However, if you have purchased CinaviaRemoval HD before, you will get the new DVD Cinavia Removal totally for free. We all know that many users hate Cinavia too much, and dvdfab is also working continuously to solve this problem and now movies that are supported by the new DVDFab DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal solution is growing more and more.

During the Spring Sale, anyone who wants to get these Cinavia removal products can also enjoy 30% off before April 6. www.dvdfab.cn/promotion.htm . And in the near feature, dvdfab will launch another new products, maybe it will also be built in the all-in-one package, or appear as an independent installer. Please stay tuned! :flower:

I purchased CinaviaRemoval for Standard DVDs and l still can’t remove the watermark from Hacksaw Ridge and I got the copy of Sing and can’t remove it as well. Is this going to be updated soon. I paid full price on this so l get lifetime updates.

Hacksaw Ridge and Sing are on the to-be-supported list. You can also give attention to dvdfab forum, where you will get the latest update of the supported discs. http://forum.dvdfab.cn/forumdisplay.php?f=66

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