DVDFab Can't Copy The Movie "SCARCE"

Hopefully, I’m in the right forum.

I can’t copy the movie “Scarce”. I have tried “DVD to DVD” and “Main Movie”. The “DVD to DVD” mode only copies about 45% to the hard drive and then I get a “error/reading” message. The “Main…” mode doesn’t copy anything to the hard drive. I’m using:

DVDFab Platinum

Since there is no ripping log, maybe you can try ripping it again and keep an eye on which file it fails on and report back.

What are your PathPlayer settings? Try both Always Enable and Disable. Avoid the middle ground.

Diaylsis, I’m not computer savvy. the log?
im not sure.

Signals, PJ?? lol. Seriously though, I have tried all the pathplayer settings (Enable If Needed, Disable, Always Enable).

When ripping, DVDFab shows what file it’s currently working on.
If it’s having a problem with say VTS_01_1.VOB, it could be copy protection. Now say it’s having with VTS_01_3.VOB. It would most likely be a dirty or bad disc.
Send the original IFO’s to DVDFab.

I had no problem backing up the Full Disc of this title. I used the DVD Fab version Not a bad horror movie. But does it seen like lately there have been a lot of bad disks? This must be another case.