DVDFab - Cannot find IFO file

I just downloaded DBDFab Platinum, v4.1.0.2, running on Vista Home Premium. I am attempting to backup the dual-layer dvd 1776. I first used the Clone function and ended upwith an ISO file and an INI file on my disk. I then attempted to use Clone function to write that ISO to a physical disk. An error box popped up saying that if could not find the file DVD VIDEO.isoVTS_02_0.IFO, which makes sense since there is no such file on my disk. Any ideas?

Do you have any other files in that Title set, VTS2 (on the original disc)? Like


The file VTS_02_0.IFO can you find that on your original disc?

[QUOTE=mpersico;2015958]…Any ideas?[/QUOTE]

Hi mpersico and welcome to cdfreaks,

Not sure of your settings and how you set your burn up, but for starters, try this:

> Open Fab
> Click on [B]Write Data[/B] (left hand column under DVD to DVD).
> Click on the .ISO icon to the far right of [B]Source[/B] (looks like a dog-eared page with a disc overlay).
> Navigate to the[B] .ini [/B]file of the selected movie and choose this as [B]Source[/B].

Now try burning the flick.

Hope this helps