Dvdfab, burn with Imgburn?



Would it be possible to add an option for dvdfab to burn using Imgburn?

Most of the dvds I burn using dvdfab do not work on my dvd player. I usually used dvdfab Gold to make an image and then burn with Imgburn. Or, I’ll use dvdfab platinum to copy and make the files, then I’ll need to use another program to make the image and then Imgburn to burn the dvd.



Burning software have no influence on burning quality. Probably your problem is due to a low quality media. What media do you use? And at what speed do you burn these discs?

To improve compatibility with standalones there are two methods: use quality media and change booktype of +R media in ROM.


Thanks for the feedback.
I have used a few different types of media such as Fuji, Maxwell, etc. Usually I try to get Fuji. I didn’t bother to identify the actual manufacturer of these dvds though. I’ve always used -R media.

All I can say is that it seems that 80% of the movies I burn with dvdfab don’t work in the end. There aren’t any burning errors, but at some point in the movie the video will stutter/stop and then go back to the beginning.
If I use ImgBurn it seems that maybe 80% of the movies I burn work great.
I use the word “seems” because I haven’t actually kept records of these observations.

How do people typically take control of the quality of the dvds that they buy? It’s been my impression that it’s always a gamble as to who the manufacturer of the dvd is, you won’t know until you take your new bundle of dvds home and try one out. Once you’ve gong through the 50 that you buy, there’s no guarantee that buying the same brand again will result in the same manufacturer…



For what you say, it seems to me a media problem.

What burner do you have? Maybe you can do a scan to see how many errors there are on your problematic discs.

Do you tryied to update firmware?