Dvdfab burn speed

how do i control the burn speed? it starts of at 1x then makes it’s away to about 9x on a TY. I only want 8x equal. how can i do this?

Click the gear on top right,click common settings,click write,click speed you want,click ok,your done!Welcome to the forum!

shady007 Hello and welcome to CD Freaks
If you want to set the burn/write speed then open common settings by clicking on the small round button that has a gear icon at the top right next to the help button and click on the small dropdown that says common settings, now click on the word “Write” on the left to open the write settings page.

EDIT…GET dalled away from the computer and I see got beat at the reply :doh: :bigsmile:

wait should i also change the dvd write size to 4472? it was set on 4300 originaly

Hey Shady007 I and many other members have the DVD Write size set at 4464 which helps reduce the amount compression that is needed when burning to a DVD5 disc :bigsmile:

Isn’t there a set up guide here somewhere? I just already knew how to set it up from using other programs…

so you mean the quality will be better with 4464 instead of the 4472 default setting dvdfab offers?

The less compression the better the Quality BUT using 4474 will mean that the burn will be very close to the edge of the disc which [B]may[/B] cause trouble if you use poor quality media.
BUT this setting is up to you :smiley:

Unless it has changed in the past two versions, the “factory default” is 4300. I also use 4464, a good compromise value.

It really depends on if your using +R or -R. But lets not go there. If your burner can over burn etc…

ok i will change it to 4464 . I use TY disks.

ok how do i get an ISO to burn with dvdab. I can get it and it downloads it to the folder but I want to burn it after it’s done making it.

You can’t get any better then TY disc’s :clap:


DVDFab will do this all in one step if you want. Just select Clone mode and Fab will create the ISO and burn to disc. If you need to compress a movie to make it fit on a DVD5 SL disc, use one of the other modes and choose an ISO as the target. You can then burn it with the Write Data function. Remember that the output will be slightly larger than the input, so reduce your DVD5 size by 200 MB or so to make sure it will fit when you are ready to burn it.

whats SOA writing?? its an option

ok it is on Packet Writing as default… Should I change to SAO Writing" what does it do? I have TY value line 8x print media.


SAO=session at once, Packet writting works better for data(faster),SAO is prefered for media writting(alot less chance of errors).Hope this helps

Its mostly a good option for dash media.