DVDfab bluray problem with ATI catalyst drivers

I am backing up my Blu-ray DVD’s using 25GB full disc mode. When I am using ATI catalyst 10.9 everything works ok. When I use versions 10.10 or 10.11 the display monitor goes blank multiple times as the DXVA GPU acceleration starts. The screen recovers in a few seconds.

I am using Sapphire ATI HD 5850 toxic Graphic cards running in dual crossfire X. The system is a 6 core CPU with 8 GIG of memory and running 8.2 TB of drives with the primary drive being an SSD. The system runs cool as it is water cooled and these failures occur with the CPU cores being at 24 degrees C so it is not heat related.

I wonder if there exists a software compatibility issue with ATI Catalyst and DVD fab? Is anyone else having this problem?

I doubt that the problem has anything to do with Fab although I use the Sapphire ATI HD 4850 and have no problem, maybe the 5850 is different, same drivers though.:wink:

Thanks for the input. The computer is only using DVDfab and this seems to be causing it to fail. By going back to Catalyst 10.9 it works. This is where I saw the possible connection to the two programs. Perhaps Fengtao has seen this somewhere else in the world or another user is experiencing similar problems?

I am still experiencing DXVA errors when I use Catalyst 10.10 and 10.11. I have to revert back to 10.9 for blu-ray copying. It seems that DVDfab was supposed to correct this but it did not work. The problem is that the screen goes black for a few seconds and notes a failure when DXVA starts. This problem only happens when I use DVDfab and one of the newest Catalyst drivers from ATI.