DVDFab Blu-Ray Licence

Not sure where to post this request for information, so here goes :slight_smile:

I have a registered version of DVDFab6 DVD to DVD.

I have just bought a PS3 and want to try my hand at burning BR disks.

Obviously I need to get a BR burner first :slight_smile:

My question is, do I have to buy the complete DVDFab6 BR programme in full, or is there an upgrade/addon available at a cheaper rate?

Hi zippity

We answer all sort of questions here.

You will need to purchase the BluRay add on license ,it is a full version, you have I believe 30 free days to try it once you click on it for the first time before buying if you want to give it a spin.

Yes you should have a bluray burner first, and not waste your 30 day trial. :bigsmile:

Hi zippity,

Actually that’s the sort of question that could be useful to others and it’s better not getting lost in the discussion thread so I’ve given it a thread of it’s own. :slight_smile:


I guess you are right there Wombler

it’s better not getting lost in the discussion thread
It could get lost in the discussion thread. :smiley:

@ Zippity Hopefully this answered your question.

You are welcome back at the discussion thread anytime you want to stop by :iagree: we do talk about other things also. :bigsmile: