DVDFab Blu Ray Encoding Settings

I see there is a choice between Fast Encoding/Normal Quality and Slow Encoding/High Quality.

The question I have is - how big of a difference does it make? I have been using the Slow Encoding/High Quality when recoding my BD’s to BD9 1080p and it seems to be turning out really good quality rips.

Can any of you notice a difference or is it more or less a personal choice/placebo effect kind of thing?

I’m also wondering if I would be better of recoding to BD25 instead of BD9… What do you guys think? I have ~2.6TB to work with and I have 31 movies I want to back up.

I’m also wondering if there’s a way to make it so that when I back up a title that has DTS-HD Master Audio, I only want to copy out the DTS 5.1 track, not the lossless track - as my WDTV Live can’t play DTS-HD MA. Because when I click “Remove HD Audio” it just has no audio at all…